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QualSight LASIK Achieves HIPAA Compliance After Attempted Hack
12:41 pm November 07, 2012
In January 2010, QualSight - the nation’s largest LASIK manager serving over 75 million health plan members - was informed that a hack attempt had been made against their infrastructure. They were concerned that a repeat occurrence could take place and wanted to take a pro-active role in eliminating any future occurrence. Download this case study...
Store and Organize All Types of Healthcare Data on a Single Information Infrastructure
11:39 am November 07, 2012
Information Transforms Healthcare. As a Provider, you collect more data than ever before, from EMRs, patient surveys, home monitoring, to imaging. Collaborating on patient care is difficult at best—there’s so much data, it can’t easily be shared and it’s often incomplete. And new insights can only be derived from relevant information. IT...
Medical Imaging in the Cloud
11:29 am November 07, 2012
The wealth of electronic data generated by the U.S. healthcare system presents a paradox for healthcare providers. Cloud services offers healthcare an attractive solution, helping hospitals scale with ease, better manage resources, and provide fluid access and sharing of medical images across organizations, departments and providers – achieving a...
Improve Patient Safety and Reduce Medical Errors during all Points of Care
03:18 pm November 01, 2012
Barcodes, in the healthcare environment, are a patient’s voice. They identify, communicate and connect the patient accurately with his or her records from the moment care begins. Whether it’s at check-in, at the bedside or in the lab, barcodes help protect patients’ safety and reduce medical errors – which can cost your organization millions of...
Zebra Technologies
Meaningful Use Stage 2: A handbook for providers
12:39 pm October 29, 2012
Meaningful Use Stage 2: A handbook for providers discusses the changes in Stage 2 following the release of the final rules. This report focuses on what providers should expect, technology challenges and business opportunities in Stage 2 criteria, and key enterprise strategies for Stage 2 initiatives.
Beacon Partners
Transforming Data to Actionable Insight to Meet Industry Demands
01:08 pm October 26, 2012
Now, more than ever, healthcare providers require solutions that analyze data from many sources across the continuum of care and provide actionable insights to meet the clinical and business demands of the ever-changing healthcare industry. Learn about strategies and solutions to help you on your transformational journey with the analytics...
EMC Corporation
Accelerating Collaborative Healthcare with EMC Advanced Medical Imaging Solutions
01:03 pm October 26, 2012
To provide optimum patient care delivery and to choose imaging as a “Stage 2” objective for meaningful use of the EHR, healthcare providers are investing in next-generation imaging solutions to securely capture, share, view, and exchange medical images. Whether your organization is upgrading an existing, "on-premise" PACS, consolidating disparate...
EMC Corporation
Top 12 Best Practices for Systems Management in Healthcare - And the Financial Benefits
11:00 am October 25, 2012
In healthcare, IT systems management is not simply a matter of process efficiency and cost savings—it could be a matter of life or death for patients. Faced with regulatory requirements, widely dispersed facilities, demands for electronic health records (EHRs), and increasingly more and more mobile devices for providers, healthcare IT managers are...
Dell, Inc.
In-Depth Analysis of Top-Performing Revenue Cycle Organizations
08:52 am October 24, 2012
Revenue cycle management, the lifeblood of financial performance, requires an unwavering commitment to excellence: excellence aided by superior technology and continuous process improvement. An in-depth analysis of top-performing revenue cycle organizations reveals a repeatable success framework, one driven by a commitment to efficiency,...
GE Healthcare
IQ Express Fax Boards: The Key to HIPAA Compliance
08:57 am October 18, 2012
The arrival of HITECH and other laws designed to enforce HIPAA privacy guidelines makes maintaining HIPAA compliance more important than ever. Faxing anything, in a traditional manner, while maintaining compliance is extremely difficult. Therefore, we need to change the way we process and handle patient healthcare information. Fortunately, the...
Mainpine, Inc