White Papers

12:22 pm January 28, 2013
EHRs were projected to reduce the need for transcription. However, with slower than anticipated adoption of EHRs by providers coupled with concerns about quality and fear of inaccurate documentation and over-billing due to inappropriate copy/paste and template use, there is still a demand for transcription technology and services. A skilled...
Five Steps to Building a Successful Health Information Exchange
12:23 pm January 03, 2013
Without connectivity, care coordination just won’t happen. Achieve clinical integration and improve care coordination. NextGen™ Health Information Exchange allows you to connect the dots, gain the ability to share patient information and track quality improvement. Make the connections that put you on a winning path toward collaborative care....
NextGen Healthcare
EHR Reality Check eBook
12:15 pm January 03, 2013
Choosing an EHR, whether it's your first EHR or you are looking to switch, can be a daunting task. Make sure you choose wisely. Learn what to look for in your EHR partner and hear from current NextGen Healthcare clients in EHR Reality Check. In this piece, you'll see: Why an EHR is more about the user, not IT; The importance of your EHR's...
NextGen Healthcare
Building your ACO and Healthcare ITs Role
10:48 am January 03, 2013
Where do you fit in the American healthcare ecosystem? You need to know. Where does your practice stand relative to one of the most complex, interconnected, and constantly evolving business models in the history of healthcare? Being clear on where you are in the stakeholder spectrum, and what you need to do to succeed, is essential to meeting...
NextGen Healthcare
Beyond the EHR: Seamlessly Connecting Nurses and Physicians Using an EHR-Extender (EHR-e)
02:28 pm January 02, 2013
This white paper focuses on how an EHR-Extender (EHR-e) can help hospitals leverage data trapped in the EHR and other clinical systems to establish better care team communication. The result of contextual critical alerts and texts are improved communication and enhanced workflows which makes patients, healthcare staff, administration, and...
The Future of Clinical Mobility: Bringing IT and Clinicians Together in the Journey to Stage 2 Meaningful User
12:26 pm January 02, 2013
In a roundtable discussion, IT executives of visionary health systems in the region shared their best practices and lessons learned in the deployment and use of virtualization and cloud computing.
Mobility in Healthcare: Perfect Storm of Needs and Solutions
03:23 pm December 10, 2012
The perspectives of both the patient and provider must be considered when talking about successful mobility in healthcare. Ultimately, empowering the enterprise will significantly enhance the provider/patient relationship and improve care. And, in fact, both patients and providers are utilizing the same systems to access critical data. Download...
Keys to A Risk-Balanced Approach for a Smooth Transition to ICD-10
12:22 pm November 27, 2012
Healthcare providers nationwide have expressed concern regarding the impact of an ICD-10 migration. These organizations must navigate the ICD-10 transition process by recognizing that a successful migration requires sustained investment over time. This white paper explores four key phases enabling a risk balanced transition to ICD-10 that...
Case Study: UT Medical Center Saves 60 Percent on IT Costs with Unified Email Management
11:48 am November 27, 2012
University of Tennessee Medical Center is a major medical center providing superior treatment and healthcare support to residents of the East Tennessee region. UTMC wanted to solve a number of challenges they were facing, such as an increasing volume of spam, an incomplete system for archival and retrieval, and a lack of a coordinated disaster...
Case Study: Summers Labs Successfully Formalizes Email Retention Policy
11:43 am November 27, 2012
Summers Labs has relied on a customary AS/AV interface with features that were not typically user-friendly for their patients and did not include an archiving system. The small facility needed to complete their arrangement update effectively, while incorporating enhanced business continuity features such as email uptime. After evaluating a number...