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03:08 pm August 17, 2018
New global research reveals a direct correlation between health organizations' smartphone use and patient satisfaction. This ebook shows how these orgs are using mobile devices, mitigating risk and delivering more personalized patient care faster.
03:06 pm August 17, 2018
This whitepaper shows how healthcare organizations can combat increasing complexity within their IT infrastructure by implementing a software-defined infrastructure that delivers more innovation, simplifies operations, and improves patient care.
12:21 pm August 09, 2018
To address the issues and potential of genomics in health care, the Center for Connected Medicine tapped a range of experts for insights on the opportunities, challenges, excitement and concern surrounding genomics, as featured in this whitepaper.
Center of Connected Medicine
10:18 am July 30, 2018
Launching initiatives is tiresome. And providing resources and information simply isn't enough. As this whitepaper shows, the only solution to greater engagement in health and wellness programs is understanding the individual's readiness to change.
Simplifying Healthcare Data Management
10:15 am July 23, 2018
Healthcare providers are under growing pressure to do more with the data they manage. Especially given the advent of advanced analytics, AI and machine learning, healthcare must shift to the cloud to improve the secure delivery of patient care.
Denver Health: An Enterprise Data Backup Case Study
10:06 am July 23, 2018
This two-minute video explains how a Level 1 Trauma Center in Colorado went from doing basic data backup to effectively cataloging and categorizing data, including a complete backup of their Epic environment and the ability to report on their data.
How Digital Signage Creates a Smarter Patient Experience
11:34 am July 19, 2018
Given that health organizations want technology to meet patients where they are, digital signage provides a particularly poignant solution to address patient engagement because of its unique opportunity to enter any space in the healthcare landscape.
How Enhanced Communication Improves Care Quality in the Field
11:02 am July 19, 2018
The first nationwide broadband network dedicated to public safety is ready to help law enforcement, fire fighters and EMS do their jobs safely and effectively, with advantages extending beyond first responders to those in healthcare who support them.
AT&T Business
EHRs essential to digital care delivery
02:37 pm July 18, 2018
Clinicians are challenged by the frequency and impact of clinical advancements. Their ability to stay current impacts patient outcomes and safety. Thus health IT must make good decisions about initiatives to enable the transformation of care delivery.
digital marketing in healthcare
01:08 pm July 09, 2018
Research shows that healthcare marketing is falling behind in almost every aspect of marketing, using far more outdated techniques than other industries. Learn how to keep pace and implement targeted approaches that will drive engagement and growth.

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