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A Second Opinion: Detecting the Benefits of HCISPP for a Career in Cybersecurity
05:34 pm January 26, 2021
The HCISPP certification has advanced the careers of many healthcare security and privacy professionals. As cybersecurity grows even more central to the practice of high quality care, learn how the HCISPP certification has supported health care providers, direct suppliers, outsourced services, and enablers, to operate on the frontline.
Build vs. Buy for Healthcare: A Healthcare Guide to CIAM + IAM
06:00 pm January 21, 2021
As the healthcare industry moves toward patient-centric models of care, organizations need to find ways to provide their patients with secure, frictionless digital experiences — all while protecting sensitive medical data. Discover how the right customer identity and access management solution can support health systems in providing the best...
How BioReference Laboratories Handled a 25x Volume Spike
05:57 pm January 21, 2021
COVID-19 has accelerated consumer trends in healthcare, and led to the widespread adoption of patient-centric models. Like many others, BioReference Laboratories got to work planning for a new B2C model, and recognizing the critical role of a powerful and secure Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform to ensuring a smooth transition during...
Smart Beds and Real-Time Health Systems Improve Patient Care
05:12 pm January 19, 2021
Wireless IoT devices and wearables have become a critical part of remote care delivery, improving the quality of home-based care. Now, innovative IoT applications within the hospital are transforming inpatient care, ushering in the era of the smart room.
Lifespan Health Leverages Technology to Deliver High-Quality Care to More People
04:51 pm January 12, 2021
Reliable, dependable connectivity is mission-critical for health organizations seeking to improve their quality of care. Read how one health system overcame the distinct challenges of providing consistent care to small, geographically dispersed populations.
Telehealth Strategies: Putting the Patient in the Center to Improve Outcomes
06:05 pm December 30, 2020
The healthcare industry increasingly relies on telemedicine as a solution to expand care delivery. But many providers fail to fully consider the impact of telehealth systems on their patients. In this report, you’ll discover tactics to reimagine your telehealth offerings in ways that put the patient first, addressing issues of access,...
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Developing an Inpatient Virtual Care Strategy
03:23 pm December 16, 2020
COVID-19 made clear that hospitals and health systems require a comprehensive digital strategy to overcome the urgent and specific challenges of providing inpatient care during public health crises.
The Reasons Applications Fail
09:06 am December 04, 2020
In our modern world of Tele-Medicine, the availability of applications is more critical than ever. Healthcare workers and patients are accessing applications 24/7. Bringing the application down for even an hour would cause a great impact in the organization. Adding the fact that most healthcare companies are growing, which adds a great burden to...
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How Machine Learning is Driving Better Patient and Business Outcomes
05:22 pm November 24, 2020
AI is already appearing in corners of the healthcare industry, but many health systems struggle to adopt and take full advantage of its promise. Here’s how to harness the power of machine learning to overcome challenges in clinical efficiency and build a stronger relationship between technology and healthcare.
Is the Patient or Member Experience You’re Delivering on Life Support? Lessons for Payers and Providers
12:13 pm November 24, 2020
Customer experience is a crucial part of a health organization’s success—and it’s growing in importance as more providers switch to value-based models of care. What can providers and payers do to ensure that they meet their patients and members’ needs?