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Securing Mobile Devices in the Business Environment
10:12 am May 07, 2012
As employees bring their mobile devices to the workplace, while it may increase productivity and reduce cost, it also causes security weaknesses. Download this paper to learn more about mobile security device threats and how to establish a mobile security strategy.
Top 4 Trends in Healthcare Facilities Management: How Network-Based Public Address Improves the Bottom Line
11:28 am May 03, 2012
The efficient management of healthcare facilities has always presented challenges between delivering technology that meets the needs of staff and increases efficiencies, while contributing to the overall healing environment. Increasingly, the Healthcare Facilities Manager and IT Manager roles are beginning to converge, becoming the pivotal point...
Biamp Systems
Clinical System Adoption -- Training for Success
02:13 pm May 01, 2012
Adoption and training are inextricably linked—your community hospital can only achieve the level of adoption you need with effective training. In our latest white paper on clinical system adoption, we address the 10 Keys for Training Success.
Top Advantages of Using High-Capacity Wireless to Avoid Network Bottlenecking
10:00 am May 01, 2012
Now more than ever before, physicians use mobile technologies within their practice to bolster patient care and improve productivity. IT managers are then faced with the challenge of investing in a future-proof infrastructure, capable of handling gigabit capacities in order to avoid network bottlenecks over disparate facilities. Learn how...
BridgeWave Communications
Executing Best Practices for EMR Implementation
10:43 am April 18, 2012
About 39% of medical offices in the U.S. have adopted EMR technology, according to SK&A. With Medicare and Medicaid incentive payments now available to physician practices and hospitals who make Meaningful Use of such technology, that number is expected to rise over the next several years. But what about the practices who have not yet embarked...
GE Healthcare
How to use Capacity Management to Improve Hospital Finances and Quality Performance Metrics
03:08 pm April 17, 2012
Hospital executives know that traditional cost-cutting methods have reached the point of diminishing return. Reduced reimbursement, increasing regulations, staff reductions, mandatory overtime, and lower capital expenditures have had disastrous effects on care delivery and the overall health of provider institutions. Yet the federal government is...
TeleTracking Technologies
Disruptive Innovation: The Key to Empowering Patients, Transforming the Healthcare System
11:05 am March 29, 2012
The United States is undergoing a major transformation of its healthcare delivery system, driven by federal health IT investments and healthcare reforms. This content piece features information from a joint presentation at the HIMSS12 Annual Conference & Exhibition in Las Vegas in February, where Eric Dishman, General Manager of Health...
Beyond the Checkbox: Using Health Information to Continuously Engage Patients and Improve the Patient Experience
10:19 am March 22, 2012
The U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services announced in February 2012 that nearly 2,000 hospitals received incentive payments under the CMMS’ EHR Incentive Programs. In addition, 85 percent of hospitals now report that by 2015 they intend to take advantage of the incentive payments. With the competitive inpatient market moving toward critical...
Krames Staywell
Architecting the Hospital of the Future
11:49 am March 19, 2012
Software AG, a leading provider of Business Process Excellence (BPE) solutions, is helping build the “hospital of the future” for Nemours, an internationally-recognized children’s health system. The full-service Nemours Children’s Hospital (NCH) in Orlando will feature state-of-the-art systems for its clinical, facilities, maintenance and other...
Software AG
Health Information Exchange: The Emerging Value in an Emerging Market
02:32 pm March 07, 2012
In just a few short years, the health information exchange (HIE) market has grown exponentially and continues to expand in terms of number of initiatives, scope of services provided and technology offerings. When the nonprofit, community-based Central Florida Regional Health Information Organization(CFRHIO) was formed in 2003, its leaders focused...
GE Healthcare