White Papers

Physical Security for Healthcare Devices and Equipment
03:13 pm October 16, 2012
Electronic locks and latches provide enhanced security where healthcare facilities need it the most – on the carts and cabinets that house valuable medical supplies and patient information. Electronic locks provide secure locking and audit trail capabilities that can help healthcare IT managers comply with industry regulations such as HIPAA and...
Top Ten Network Security Best Practices to Better Manage Risks
03:59 pm October 14, 2012
IT organizations are under increasing intense pressure to consolidate IT operations and refine cyber security initiatives to balance the need to cut costs, against requirements to better manage security and associated risks. This delicate balancing act is forcing many public sector organizations to make difficult decisions that must be carefully...
Memorial Hermann Healthcare System Manages User Access Risk and Streamlines Compliance
10:47 am October 08, 2012
Memorial Hermann needed a more efficient way to process 32,000 user access requests per year to key healthcare and enterprise applications, and better controls around access provided to 20,000 employees including caregivers, employees and temporary workers spread throughout greater Houston, while demonstrating regulatory compliance — primarily...
Courion Corporation
HealthSpring Improves Compliance Accuracy, Speed and Scalability with an Identity and Access Risk Management Suite
10:43 am October 08, 2012
HealthSpring is one of the country’s largest and fastest growing providers of Medicare Advantage health care plans with more than one million members in 11 states and the District of Columbia. To improve the accuracy, speed and scalability of its compliance program, HealthSpring chose Courion. The Courion suite is integrated with all of...
Courion Corporation
Access Risk Management: The Key to Protecting Your Healthcare Organization in Today's Mobile, Always-On, Cloud-Based Environment
10:36 am October 08, 2012
With sensitive data being continually accessed across the enterprise, the web, and mobile devices, organizations are constantly facing the challenge of protecting their critical assets such as employee and patient data – all of which impact their reputations and their bottom lines. Healthcare organizations in particular need to ensure only the...
Courion Corporation
Don't Let Personal Mobile Devices Put the Corporate Network at Risk
08:37 am October 08, 2012
Hospitals and medical offices are busy places. Ever wonder how easy it would be for someone to walk out with an office laptop or mobile device? Not only do patients expect confidentiality of their medical records but government regulations like HIPAA demand it. The theft of laptops, computers and mobile devices is a common cause of data breaches...
Realizing the Return: Comprehensive systems management maximizes the value of healthcare IT
10:51 am September 19, 2012
By taking a comprehensive approach to systems management, healthcare providers’ IT departments can significantly reduce the amount of time required to perform routine maintenance tasks, therefore improving productivity. These time savings allow IT departments to shift staff to more value added activities that help support the business and...
Dell, Inc.
HIPAA: Healthcare Transformation to Electronic Communications
12:25 pm September 11, 2012
This white paper provides a brief overview of HIPAA regulations and how healthcare organizations are using technology to assist with compliance. Many traditional document handling processes do not comply with HIPAA regulations for privacy and security. The whitepaper discusses network faxing, explores advantages for implementing a network fax...
Clinical System Adoption in the Community Hospital: Five Strategies for Success
12:19 pm September 10, 2012
This white paper summarizes five vital strategies drawn from the experiences of hundreds of successful implementations in community hospitals across the nation--starting with implementation planning and carrying through go-live to ongoing optimization of the EHR. Leaders who follow them will sidestep common pitfalls and maximize use of this...
6 Lessons Learned About Hospital Smartphone Integration
12:25 pm September 04, 2012
As more and more hospitals work to incorporate smartphones into their communication network, they have learned important lessons that can help other facilities make a smooth transition. At the end of the day, the goal is to get the right message, to the right person, on the right device, at the right time.