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Reinventing Healthcare for the 21st Century: Meeting Global Challenges with Innovations in Care Coordination
12:00 pm November 15, 2012
Both developed and emerging countries face three global megatrends that will have a crippling impact on their economies and societies if not address in the near future. The most significant trend is a rapidly aging world population. The proportion of the population over the age of 60 is projected to double between 2000 and 2050. At its 2012...
The Promise of Mobile Technology: Enabling Collaborative Care, Fulfilling Healthcare Reform
11:54 am November 15, 2012
A May 2012 study by Manhattan Research highlighted that physician tablet adoption reached 62 percent in 2012, with half of those physicians using their device at the point of care. While the phenomenon is largely a spillover from widespread consumer adoption, its promise and value for improving care are tangible. As provisions of the Affordable...
Leveraging Big Data and Analytics in Healthcare and Life Sciences: Enabling Personalized Medicine for High-Quality Care, Better Outcomes
11:50 am November 15, 2012
In March 2012, the Obama Administration launched a $200 million “Big Data Research and Development Initiative,” which aims to transform the use of big data for scientific discovery and biomedical research, among other areas. Stakeholders now need to come together to take advantage of market conditions and realize the value of the incredible...
Advanced Text Mining Improves Medicare Advantage Coding
02:19 pm November 09, 2012
Medicare Advantage (MA) plans are private health plans that have contracted with Medicare to receive a fixed monthly fee in exchange for providing comprehensive healthcare to plan members. In order to provide appropriate care to beneficiaries with varying medical conditions, plans are paid according to the Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF) score of...
Sizing Up Your Cloud Options - Is Now the Time?
01:08 pm November 07, 2012
A recent survey of IT executives found nearly 90% see business value in transitioning to Cloud computing, but only 20% have a plan to get there. Healthcare Cloud solutions require Compliance, Security, Privacy, Redundancy, and Scalability, so choosing the right path from on-premises servers to the Cloud can be daunting. Learn how to chart a...
Cloud Services Leverage Provider IT Resources and Ensure Continued Service Levels
12:49 pm November 07, 2012
Healthcare IT professionals are under pressure to deliver complex applications with high performance and security, while tight budgets demand cost reduction initiatives. For this reason, healthcare IT professionals are seeking cloud-based service options that reduce the infrastructure burden on the organization while reducing operating costs and...
Kronos Incorporated
QualSight LASIK Achieves HIPAA Compliance After Attempted Hack
12:41 pm November 07, 2012
In January 2010, QualSight - the nation’s largest LASIK manager serving over 75 million health plan members - was informed that a hack attempt had been made against their infrastructure. They were concerned that a repeat occurrence could take place and wanted to take a pro-active role in eliminating any future occurrence. Download this case study...
Store and Organize All Types of Healthcare Data on a Single Information Infrastructure
11:39 am November 07, 2012
Information Transforms Healthcare. As a Provider, you collect more data than ever before, from EMRs, patient surveys, home monitoring, to imaging. Collaborating on patient care is difficult at best—there’s so much data, it can’t easily be shared and it’s often incomplete. And new insights can only be derived from relevant information. IT...
Medical Imaging in the Cloud
11:29 am November 07, 2012
The wealth of electronic data generated by the U.S. healthcare system presents a paradox for healthcare providers. Cloud services offers healthcare an attractive solution, helping hospitals scale with ease, better manage resources, and provide fluid access and sharing of medical images across organizations, departments and providers – achieving a...
Improve Patient Safety and Reduce Medical Errors during all Points of Care
03:18 pm November 01, 2012
Barcodes, in the healthcare environment, are a patient’s voice. They identify, communicate and connect the patient accurately with his or her records from the moment care begins. Whether it’s at check-in, at the bedside or in the lab, barcodes help protect patients’ safety and reduce medical errors – which can cost your organization millions of...
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