White Papers

The State of Cybersecurity in Healthcare
05:31 pm March 24, 2021
As breaches grow more frequent, more dangerous, and more costly, it's critical that healthcare organizations prioritize the safety of their patients and organizations by investing in the proper people, processes, and technologies.
Automating Expenses: How to Introduce Your Healthcare Organization to a Better System
05:38 pm March 22, 2021
For healthcare providers, every penny counts. In this eBook you’ll learn why shifting to an automated expense solution not only saves time and money, but improves care in the process.
Emburse Certify
Building a Genomics Data Lake in Azure
05:31 pm March 05, 2021
Since the human genome was first drafted in 2001, the scale of genomic data being produced has grown exponentially. To properly process, analyze, sequence, and store genomic data, research organizations need a secure platform capable of automation and collaboration on a huge scale. Learn why research organizations are embracing a cloud-based data...
Patient Health Information: Are Consumers Ready for a New Data Use Partnership?
02:53 pm March 04, 2021
Gathering, storing and sharing patient healthcare data is an ever-growing topic of attention for both patients and providers. With that in mind, HIMSS and Mayo Clinic conducted a large survey of US consumers to gather current perceptions of how health data is managed, and to what degree consumers think their privacy is protected.
Mayo Clinic
Health Privacy in a Data Driven World
02:51 pm March 04, 2021
Trust and transparency is a key factor in the relationship between patients and provider orgs, especially regarding how personal health information is gathered, stored and shared. HIMSS and Mayo Clinic conducted a survey of consumers examining attitudes and perceptions around the state of privacy in healthcare. The results are illuminating.
Mayo Clinic
Navigating the FCC Rural Health Care Program
05:37 pm February 24, 2021
Receiving high-quality healthcare increasingly requires fast and easy digital access to records, care networks, and physicians themselves. In rural communities with fewer facilities and inconsistent broadband, getting that access can be more difficult. Learn how providers can meet the connectivity challenges facing them and their patients.
Spectrum Enterprise
COVID-19 Pandemic Highlights Importance of Connectivity
05:35 pm February 24, 2021
COVID-19 did not create new trends in healthcare delivery but accelerated existing ones, particularly to telehealth. Efforts were made to increase telecommunication services to improve telehealth care, while pre-existing obstacles, specifically for facilities in remote areas, remained an issue. Learn what’s been done to enhance connectivity...
Spectrum Enterprise
COVID Coordination Checklist: 11 Steps to Improve Team Collaboration and Patient Outreach
05:38 pm February 19, 2021
Learn best practices to help your organization streamline communication related to COVID protocols. Find out how to simplify the distribution of alerts, clinical documents, and care team updates to boost efficiency and reduce common delays.
Fireside Chat with Tandem Health & Cisco Meraki
05:28 pm February 12, 2021
In this fireside chat, you will meet Tandem Health’s Sean Polk as he shares the challenges in Healthcare IT today and his approach when leveraging technology to improve patient care delivery. Learn how Tandem Health has transformed in a critical moment in healthcare through mobile, remote, and other solutions for their staff and patients.
Cisco Meraki
Network Management Guide for ACOs: A Holistic View of Provider Performance
05:59 pm February 04, 2021
This guide presents solutions to optimize your network management, offering providers better strategies for measuring outcomes and improving performance, all while making the care they deliver more affordable.