White Papers

Mandated ADT Notification: How Frontline Teams Use CMS To Improve Care
05:53 pm April 09, 2021
Clear and constant communication is a vital ingredient to any well-functioning healthcare system. Making sure physicians are alerted when patients need and receive care, and keeping patients informed about their own treatment improves health outcomes and saves time. Learn about the key role that alert notifications for ADT plays in that process.
j2 Cloud Services
Healthcare At The Edge
11:23 am April 06, 2021
Delivering quality care to patients requires much more than just good intentions. Healthcare providers must respond to constantly evolving technological, financial and security challenges with digital infrastructure that can meet their needs. Learn about a platform solution built to succeed in the modern healthcare landscape.
Aruba Networks
Designing Hyper-Aware Healthcare Facilities
11:20 am April 06, 2021
In healthcare facilities, machines and apps are crucial in optimizing security, activity monitoring, productivity, care and safety. Learn what technology solutions and infrastructure frameworks are required to make a hyper-aware healthcare facility a reality.
Aruba Networks
Building the Future of the Connected Health Enterprise
04:07 pm April 02, 2021
When COVID-19 hit it made already unwieldy data management processes even more complicated. Responding to the urgent need for an efficient, effective and secure data system, Banner Health made a pivot to a health cloud. See how that decision made a dramatic impact on patient care, workflows, scalability and cost.
The new normal(ize): A primer on patient data standardization
05:37 pm March 25, 2021
The healthcare industry is awash in data from a variety of sources and a multitude of care and service processes. Harnessing data’s amazing potential cannot be done without effective, reliable & scalable data normalization. Learn what that means, what the primary obstacles are and how fully maximized data sets improve service and care.
Intelligent Medical Objects
Your Medical Group’s Find-A-Provider: The Foundation for Online Patient Acquisition
05:33 pm March 25, 2021
Attracting and retaining patients has become increasingly complex for medical groups as online competition has grown fiercer and technology has evolved. By investing in their own find-a-providers, medical groups can bring traffic directly to their websites, gain more control over the patient journey, and differentiate their brands with a modern,...
The State of Cybersecurity in Healthcare
05:31 pm March 24, 2021
As breaches grow more frequent, more dangerous, and more costly, it's critical that healthcare organizations prioritize the safety of their patients and organizations by investing in the proper people, processes, and technologies.
Automating Expenses: How to Introduce Your Healthcare Organization to a Better System
05:38 pm March 22, 2021
For healthcare providers, every penny counts. In this eBook you’ll learn why shifting to an automated expense solution not only saves time and money, but improves care in the process.
Emburse Certify
Building a Genomics Data Lake in Azure
05:31 pm March 05, 2021
Since the human genome was first drafted in 2001, the scale of genomic data being produced has grown exponentially. To properly process, analyze, sequence, and store genomic data, research organizations need a secure platform capable of automation and collaboration on a huge scale. Learn why research organizations are embracing a cloud-based data...
Patient Health Information: Are Consumers Ready for a New Data Use Partnership?
02:53 pm March 04, 2021
Gathering, storing and sharing patient healthcare data is an ever-growing topic of attention for both patients and providers. With that in mind, HIMSS and Mayo Clinic conducted a large survey of US consumers to gather current perceptions of how health data is managed, and to what degree consumers think their privacy is protected.
Mayo Clinic