Doctor examining patient.
10:00 am November 05, 2019
This webinar discusses how THR leverages the Alteryx Platform to scale analytics across their enterprise, expanding from 12 users to 115 analysts in less than a year, with measurable outcomes.
Analytics display
01:00 pm October 30, 2019
Hospitals and health systems acknowledge the ability to provide personalized medicine is driven largely by a patient-centric culture supported by the right technology. To better understand how healthcare providers are approaching personalized medicine and leveraging subscription-based services to facilitate its delivery, HIMSS Media and GE...
GE Healthcare
Crowd of people.
12:00 am October 30, 2019
Prognos manages the largest collection of clinical lab test records in the United States, with access to more than 25 billion records. From this data, they are able to get real-world insight to understand the journey and risk profile of patients, which they can translate into improved clinical practice and therapeutic development. To do this,...
AWS & Databricks
Doctor and patient.
01:00 pm October 29, 2019
Patients have more choices now than ever before - concierge PCPs, retail clinics, urgent care centers, insurance driven telemed calls - and they won’t settle for anything less than the best possible service & care. Patient loyalty is up for grabs, and healthcare organizations must prioritize the patient experience to stay...
Worker in server room.
01:00 pm October 25, 2019
In this webinar, Justin Strackany, Chief Customer Officer at SecureLink and Tony Howlett, CISO at SecureLink will discuss how to align your organization with HIPAA and HITECH requirements and how to alleviate third-party vendor risk.
01:00 pm October 24, 2019
Recent research from HIMSS shows that when it comes to innovation, U.S. hospitals most widely prioritize initiatives to drive operational, process, and financial efficiencies and enhance the patient experience. Getting there requires the right mix of people, processes, technology, and partners. In this session, part of a three-part series on the...
Man shaking hand with Robot
01:00 pm October 23, 2019
In this webinar, Michael Perkuhn, General Manager IntelliSpace AI from Philips and Janet King, Senior Director of Market Insights for HIMSS Media, will share prescriptive insights from this research to help healthcare organizations prepare for the next wave of activity around this transformative technology.
Process automation
Today healthcare organizations and practitioners are facing tremendous pressure to reduce costs and waste while delivering greater value, such as quality, access, and care experience, to patients, payers, and employers. An explosion of data from EHRs, IT systems, sensors, and other sources promises insights into these challenges, yet strains our...
Automation Anywhere
In a recent Lenovo Health webinar, fifty percent of the participants confirmed that employee neglect represents their biggest security threat--and with good reason. It has been found that healthcare employees click on 1 out of every 7 phishing email scamsi, and nearly a quarter of healthcare employees write their user names and passwords near...
Lenovo Health
Pins in a roadmap.
Health care digitization has taken root, creating the ability to share and access vast amounts of data. A real-time health system of the future will be equipped to harness and convert data into actionable real-time information that enables new clinical, management and operational business capabilities through digital technology. In this session,...

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