By HIMSS TV 03:23 pm January 15, 2019
Wellth’s apps employ various behavioral economics strategies to engage patients and help them achieve optimal outcomes, says Neha Gavai, head of business development.
By HIMSS TV 05:26 pm January 11, 2019
AAPTIV's digital health service is keeping people moving with instruction, guidance and music all mixed together, says CEO Ethan Agarwal.
By HIMSS TV 05:09 pm January 11, 2019
Livongo is using machine learning to offer patients chronic condition care options that they’re likely to choose because of personalization and relevance, says Chief Product Officer Amar Kendale.
By HIMSS TV 07:19 pm January 10, 2019
Nicola Dames’ patient experience provided the inspiration needed to transform her business into a healthcare provider, says the CEO of Vanilla Blush.
By HIMSS TV 05:22 pm January 10, 2019
Digital technology is bringing about better safety and health outcomes in the quickly evolving field of dental care, says Andrew Saunders, board director of Eastern Health and Dental Services Victoria and HIMSS AsiaPac Governing Council member.
By HIMSS TV 04:28 pm January 10, 2019
We need trust in digital tools and care teams, standards and strict criteria about evidence as more people with chronic conditions come into the system than its infrastructure can handle.
Verizon’s Nancy Green
By HIMSS TV 05:38 pm January 08, 2019
Verizon’s Nancy Green says that with many M&As and joint ventures happening, IT infrastructure leaders must be ready to expand tech capabilities on short notice.
Maria Lensing, vice president of global healthcare solutions at AT&T
By HIMSS TV 05:25 pm January 08, 2019
Healthcare has to collaborate, innovate and extend the reach of care by using the data so many devices will generate to gain insights that can be used to improve outcomes, says Maria Lensing, vice president of global healthcare solutions at AT&T.
Mark Duman, managing director of MD Healthcare Consultants
By HIMSS TV 04:40 pm January 07, 2019
Mark Duman, managing director of MD Healthcare Consultants and patient advocate, discusses the need to allow citizens to embrace innovation and urges all stakeholders to collaborate in order to achieve a cultural shift in the NHS.
James Freed, CIO, Health Education England
By HIMSS TV 04:15 pm January 07, 2019
James Freed, CIO, Health Education England, says that the NHS must ensure that it takes advantage of the opportunity that technology bestows upon it by ensuring that all stakeholders are prepared and willing to embrace innovation.

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