By Healthcare IT News 09:04 pm May 05, 2013
(SPONSORED) Jay Culver, Business Development Manager, AT&T, speaks with Healthcare IT News' Bernie Monegain.
By Frank Irving 09:27 am April 18, 2013
Anand Shroff, CTO of Health Fidelity, explains the most fundamental misconception about cloud computing in regard to data security and privacy. He also addresses how data-driven healthcare can improve care coordination.
By Erin McCann 09:18 am April 11, 2013
Denver Health and Hospital Authority CIO Gregg Veltri discusses the biggest achievements made in health IT in the past decade with Healthcare IT News Associate Editor Erin McCann.
By Healthcare IT News 09:06 am March 15, 2013
(SPONSORED) Frank Nydam, Healthcare CTO for VMware, talks about the company's vCloud solution for healthcare, and Marketing Manager Tisa Murdock, gives us a closer look.
By Healthcare IT News 09:39 am March 13, 2013
GOP strategist Karl Rove recalls a personal encounter with the power of healthcare IT. Mike Miliard asks Rove what role the government should play in reform, and whether the Bush administration could have infused $27B in stimulus funds.
By Healthcare IT News 09:05 am March 13, 2013
Deborah Essex of Aspen Valley Hospital explains how incentives led to increased patient collections for the Colorado-based facility.
By Healthcare IT News 09:01 am March 13, 2013
Paul Wilder of the New York eHealth Collaborative discusses interoperability and the role of meaningful use Stage 2, which he says has helped more than Stage 1.
By Healthcare IT News 03:02 pm March 12, 2013
Franco Rizzolo of the Suburban Orthopaedic Medical Center explains how integrating an EMR with a patient payments system has reduced front-end work and increased accuracy.
By Healthcare IT News 11:12 am March 12, 2013
Achieving meaningful use is no easy feat for small providers, but Blue Mountain Hospital in Utah got it done. CFO Jeremy Lyman tells how, and shares his advice for other small providers.
By Healthcare IT News 11:05 am March 12, 2013
Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital was the third hospital in North Carolina to receive payments in return for demonstrating the meaningful use of health IT. CFO Don Trippel explains how the hospital reformed its finances through IT.