By Erin McCann 10:21 am August 22, 2013
Martin Blinder, CEO of Tictrac, presents an innovative, consumer-focused mobile app which tracks a user's daily activites and amalgamates diverse metrics to provide snapshots of the individual's health via a personalized dashboard.
By Richard Pizzi 10:36 am August 15, 2013
Deborah Jeffries, MD, director of healthcare for Polycom, talks about emerging telemedicine trends, including the growing power of the peer-to-peer aspects of personal health management.
By Accenture 08:00 am August 11, 2013
(SPONSORED) Learn how a new job in healthcare - the Patient Navigator - not only empowers patients to overcome barriers to care, but reveals a positive return on investment and pays for itself in the first year.
By Mike Miliard 02:49 pm August 07, 2013
Lee Powe, CIO of Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital in Elkin, North Carolina, talks about some of the toughest challenges the small community hospital faces, emphasizing the increased costs associated with readmission rates and RAC audits.
By Accenture 08:00 am August 04, 2013
(SPONSORED) Hear first-hand from Alicia about how her patient navigator saved her life.
By Erin McCann 11:10 am August 01, 2013
Farzad Mostashari, Dick Foster and Uwe Reinhardt lead a panel discussion at Health Datapalooza IV to discuss whether or not the current surge in public and private sector spending on health IT programs is going to reduce healthcare costs.
By Accenture 08:00 am July 28, 2013
(SPONSORED) Learn how doctors’ increasing use of healthcare IT will change the landscape of health data management for State Agencies.
By Erin McCann 09:05 am July 25, 2013
In this clip from Health Datapalooza IV, panelists Farzad Mostashari, Dick Foster and Uwe Reinhardt discuss whether or not the private sector is beginning to match government investment in health IT.
By Accenture 08:00 am July 21, 2013
(SPONSORED) In this video, Accenture’s Kelly Rakowski talks about the Accenture Doctors Survey and the implication for hospitals and health systems.
By Bernie Monegain 08:55 am July 18, 2013
We're in the middle of a long, 50-year cycle of telemedicine, says incoming ATA president Edward Brown, MD, CEO of Ontario Telemedicine Network.