By Eric Bailey 10:39 am August 20, 2012
Ken Bisconti, Vice President of IBM ECM Products details the benefits and applications of ECM anayltics to all size practices, its commonalities with the technology that Watson uses and a comparison to predictive analtyics. Content provided by IBM.
By Eric Bailey 03:02 pm July 12, 2012
Lorraine Fernandes, Global Healthcare Industry Ambassador for IBM, discusses developments in data analytics and personalized treatment, focusing particularly on what small physician practices and primary care doctors should be aware of - including the role of IBM's Watson and the future of healthcare delivery.
By Healthcare IT News 12:04 pm March 19, 2012
Christopher Wasden, managing director of PricewaterhouseCoopers, shows off his favorite mHealth apps and devices working together as his connected personal health record and discusses the problems with interoperability and integration with most PHRs in this clip from his HIT X.0 presentation at HIMSS12.
By Healthcare IT News 11:38 am March 19, 2012
Todd H. Stokes, of Georgia Tech and Emory University, shows how 3D printing technology can allow for custom-fit wearable devices for continuous monitoring of biosignals. This clip is from Stokes' presentation at HIMSS12 in Las Vegas.
By Healthcare IT News 10:38 am March 12, 2012
Ed C. Cruz, CIO of the Bureau of Information Technology for Guam's healthcare information exchange, explains the direct secure messaging aspect of the Guam HIE in the event of a natural disaster in Guam, while Charles J. Knell III, PMP, Practice Director & Support Contractor for HHS demonstrates how HHS works with the Guam HIE to achieve...
By Healthcare IT News 03:13 pm March 09, 2012
Phil Humbert, Technical Director of Ekahau, teams up with Shawn Worthman, VP of Gojo Industries (makers of Purell sanitizer), to demonstrate their new hand hygiene compliance technology and discuss the importance of the application in professional medical environments.
By Healthcare IT News 01:46 pm March 08, 2012
Sphere3 CEO Kourtney Govro presents Aperum, a dynamic new reporting tool which collects data about each patient's hospital stay and produces reports measuring a hospital's commitment to patient satisfaction.
By Healthcare IT News 04:32 pm March 07, 2012
Tamara Grassle, GM of Centricity Perinatal at GE Healthcare IT, shows us Centricity Perinatal Connect, a module that provides simultaneous viewing of multiple "fetal monitoring strips" and integrates with existing EHRs.
By Healthcare IT News 03:25 pm March 07, 2012
Cristine Kao, Global Marketing Manager of Carestream, takes us through a detailed demonstration of the Carestream Vue Cloud.
By Healthcare IT News 09:26 pm February 23, 2012
We sit down with Tom Giannulli, MD, CMIO at Epocrates, to demo Epocrates' new iPad EHR, one of only a handful of dedicated iPad EHR offerings at HIMSS12. Dr Giannuli walks us through some of the EHR screens, explains how physician practices can begin using the EHR, and tells us how the Epocrates EHR will help physicians meet meaningful use...