Thriving on the Frontlines: Stories of Resilience and Resolve

COVID-19 has forced medical practices to find new ways to function efficiently. Watch this series to learn how athenahealth’s tools help healthcare pros manage their work.
09:00 AM


Thriving on the Frontlines: Making High-Quality Care Accessible Across America
Providing rural areas with high-quality care can pose a challenge to healthcare leaders.


Thriving on the Frontlines: Closing the Healthcare Access Gap
Health clinics seeking to reduce access inequities are taking a holistic approach to care.


Thriving on the Frontlines: Building Relationships Between Physicians and Patients
Large-scale health organizations need insight into all aspects of care delivery across their practices. Learn how health portals can support providers as they improve the physician experience by nurturing connections between care teams and patients.


Thriving on the Frontlines: Providing Healthcare for All in the COVID-19 Era
COVID-19 has shaken the healthcare industry to its core, and revealed the challenges that organizations face when trying to safely and securely deliver care at scale and under pressure. Learn how health portals can support providers as they fight COVID-19 by bridging gaps in access and better connecting care teams with their patients.

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