HIMSS Media top stories
By HIMSS TV 08:21 am December 18, 2020
This week's top stories include a data breach that prompts healthcare organizations to take preventive steps, the CDC giving $227 million for COVID-19 vaccine preparedness and tracking, and Apple Watch adding a new VO2 Max feature.
By HIMSS TV 09:53 am December 17, 2020
During this webinar, healthcare leaders compare the public health response strategies of two very different health systems in Europe.
HIMSS President and CEO Hal Wolf
By HIMSS TV 08:44 am December 17, 2020
The global consortium for eHealth interoperability and the digital health indicators are just two success stories that HIMSS has introduced in 2020 with the aim of improving healthcare, says HIMSS President and CEO Hal Wolf.
Armor  Chief Security Officer Chris Stouff
By 02:00 pm December 16, 2020
Ransomware is the last step before threat actors get paid, so Armor Cloud Security's approach to stopping attacks from succeeding is to "secure left," says Chief Security Officer Chris Stouff.
Ashton Applewhite
By HIMSS TV 08:10 am December 16, 2020
"Aging is not a problem to be solved," claims activist and "This Chair Rocks" author Ashton Applewhite, who discusses the complex realities of aging, ageism, ableism and health – and describes how technology should be designed for seniors.
Lumeon CEO Robbie Hughes
By 02:43 pm December 15, 2020
Lumeon CEO Robbie Hughes says there's a huge opportunity to reduce the cost of care delivery by focusing on how to best support a patient digitally through their care transitions.
By 03:06 pm December 14, 2020
COVID-19 has shaken the healthcare industry to its core, and revealed the challenges that organizations face when trying to safely and securely deliver care at scale and under pressure. Learn how health portals can support providers as they fight COVID-19 by bridging gaps in access and better connecting care teams with their patients.
Jessica Sweeney-Platt, VP of research and editorial strategy at athenahealth
By HIMSS TV 11:11 am December 14, 2020
Jessica Sweeney-Platt, VP of research and editorial strategy at athenahealth, discusses how poor health IT usability can lead to burnout and what kinds of usability efforts are needed to fight stress.
Sternum CEO Natali Tshuva
By HIMSS TV 08:11 am December 14, 2020
IoT cybersecurity firm Sternum CEO Natali Tshuva discusses the dangers of unsecured medical devices – and how patient trust can be restored with manufacturer transparency.
Diameter Health Chief Commercial Officer Terry Boch
By HIMSS TV 03:00 pm December 11, 2020
Diameter Health Chief Commercial Officer Terry Boch discusses the latest interoperability rules and the regulatory and data landscape in health tech.