By 04:16 pm May 17, 2019
Dr. Silvia Perez-Protto, medical director of End of Life Center at the Cleveland Clinic, says understanding and documenting patients' values and wishes enables providers to more effectively collaborate with patients on their journey.
By 01:59 pm May 17, 2019
Jonah Comstock, editor in chief of MobiHealthNews, shares observations from the Patient Experience Summit 2019, including how healthcare organizations are learning from other industries how to solve patient experience and consumerization issues.
By 07:16 am May 17, 2019
Patient experience is more than just patient satisfaction surveys, claims Cleveland Clinic Chief Experience Officer Dr. Adrienne Boissy, who sees an evolution on the horizon.
By 04:07 pm May 16, 2019
Steven Kaplan, MD, associate chief medical officer at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, discusses how communication and empathy workshops are resulting in clinicians feeling better about the care they deliver and how they communicate with patients.
By 12:00 pm May 16, 2019
Communication between patients and providers not only is leading to better outcomes, but is also improving safety and making people feel better, says Laura Cooley, PhD, leader at Academy of Communication in Healthcare and Journal of Patient Experience.
By 05:57 am May 16, 2019
Speakers and attendees at Patient Experience Summit 2019 discuss ways providers can operationalize and implement empathy beyond the bedside.
By 01:20 pm May 15, 2019
Denise Hines, Chief Americas Officer at HIMSS, talks about the need for healthcare IT to take a full look at the patient and what's next in patient empathy and experience.
By 10:27 am May 15, 2019
Pairing clinicians and researchers with the right digital technology will improve outcomes, says Katie McMillan, associate director of the Mobile App Gateway at Duke University Health System.
By 07:25 am May 15, 2019
There are ways patients and providers can more effectively navigate the complexity of healthcare costs, says Rebekah Angove, vice president at the Patient Advocate Foundation.
By 12:49 pm May 14, 2019
Pediatric care and emergency departments face unique challenges to innovation and patient engagement, including social determinants and fragmented care, says Mohsen Saidinejad, director of patient experience at Harbor–UCLA Medical Center.

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