Healthcare Security Forum presenters talk about preventing medical device hacks
By HIMSS TV 09:52 am August 13, 2018
Jeff Tully, security researcher at the UC Davis, and Christian Dameff, emergency medical doctor at the UC San Diego, break down how bad actors infiltrate medical devices and share tips for thwarting attacks.
Anyi Chen talks to HIMSS TV at Big Data and Healthcare Analytics Forum
By HIMSS TV 04:21 pm August 02, 2018
Anyi Chen, CIO, Staten Island Performing Provider System outlines the challenges of behavioral health data sharing and maximizing the use of real-time data to follow patients within the framework of a value-based care model.
Anahi Santiago, CISO and Christiana Care Health System talking at Healthcare Security Forum in San Francisco
By HIMSS TV 03:52 pm August 02, 2018
Anahi Santiago, CISO and Christiana Care Health System, discusses strategies healthcare companies can use to stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape.
John Gluck of Pure Storage talks about analytics at Big Data Forum
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By HIMSS TV 08:53 am July 20, 2018
Josh Gluck, VP of global healthcare technology strategy at Pure Storage, explains how hospitals can build a more efficient data strategy to more easily get the right information and insights in real-time.
GDPR and US healthcare
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By HIMSS TV 05:00 pm July 19, 2018
Hector Rodriguez, worldwide health CISO for Microsoft, breaks down the new European compliance model and highlights key strategies US healthcare needs to understand to avoid running afoul of the privacy standards.
India Hook-Barnard from UC San Francisco talks about precision medicine and analytics at HIMSS Big Data Forum
By HIMSS TV 10:40 am July 17, 2018
India Hook-Barnard, director of research strategy at the University of California San Francisco, gives a high-level look at how knowledge networks work and how healthcare can leverage them for better analytics and for advancing precision medicine.
Michael Archuleta of Mt. San Rafael Hospital talks about data risk at Healthcare Security Forum
By HIMSS TV 01:33 pm July 13, 2018
Michael Archuleta, CIO and HIPAA and information security officer at Mt. San Rafael Hospital, takes a look at the security vulnerabilities that are putting sensitive data at risk.
Allyson Vicars of Advisory Board talks about security at Healthcare Security Forum
By HIMSS TV 01:17 pm July 13, 2018
Allyson Vicars, associate director of health IT research at the Advisory Board, give a deep overview of how healthcare providers can bake security sensibilities into every operation.
Cleveland Clinic CIO Ed Marx discusses healthcare leadership at Big Data and Analytics Forum
By HIMSS TV 09:56 am July 13, 2018
Cleveland Clinic CIO Ed Marx discusses the job’s growing strategic focus as the role requires transformational thinking, real-word innovation experience and the ability to connect multiple pieces of strategy, technology and people.
Adrian Zai, director of research at Partners Healthcare, talks to HIMSS TV
By HIMSS TV 09:45 am July 13, 2018
Adrian Zai, director of research at Partners Healthcare, talks about the importance of leadership buy-in and innovation support for improving analytics and other processes at hospitals.

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