Women In Health IT

By 05:34 pm December 14, 2016
This STEPS to Value episode explores the current & future state of clinical analytics with HIMSS North America Board member Ruben Amarasingham, President & CEO of PCCI.  Ruben also discusses how PCCI’s m
By 05:15 pm December 14, 2016
In this episode of Code Red, our Women in HIT special series continues with HIMSS Privacy & Security Committee member Cathy Petrozzino, Principal, Cybersecurity Partnerships and Information Privacy at MITRE Corporation.  Cathy describes her experiences as a cybersecurity pioneer,
By 01:25 pm November 08, 2016
HIMSS' Women in HIT Roundtable engages women in health IT in on-going conversations about the gender pay gap, to recognize influential women leaders and empower women throughout the field.
Healthcare focused IT departments
By 11:18 am October 23, 2016
Resources are almost always the single largest investment for any organization. Healthcare focused IT departments demand a specialized skillset that takes non-traditional programming, community partners and an engaged leadership team. 
Dr. Karen DeSalvo and HIMSS Vice President Pat Wise
By 08:53 am September 22, 2016
This new HIMSS Podcast STEPS to Value episode explores the impact of governmental policy on the HIT industry with Dr. Karen DeSalvo, acting assistant secretary of DHHS as well as an update from HIMSS Vice President Pat Wise on HIMSS’ Pathways to Value collection of action plans.  
Women in Health IT Roundtable
By 03:25 pm July 28, 2016
Join us in addressing the gender gap in health IT, and the need for more community, resources and recognition of women who have made a difference sector-wide. on Jan. 17.
Gender Salary Gap in HIT
By 03:16 pm July 28, 2016
Leveraging nine years of data (2006 to 2015) from the biennial HIMSS Compensation survey reveals that on average, female HIT workers in the United States have consistently been paid less than their male peers.
Aug. 25 Women in HIT Virtual Roundtable: Engage, Empower and Collaborate
By 01:41 pm July 08, 2016
Join HIMSS North America’s Executive Vice President Carla Smith to kick off the Women in HIT Roundtable.   She will review the new Women in HIT Roundtable, Awards Program, and community page.  These new initiatives will address the gender gap in health it, increase re
By 10:21 am April 28, 2016
Carla Smith, MA, CNM, FHIMSS, Executive Vice President, HIMSS, shares her advice on how qualified job seekers can stand out when looking for a senior-level position in today’s marketplace.
By 07:10 am April 28, 2016
Now in its 27th year, the HIMSS Leadership Survey covers a variety of topics designed to capture responses to fixed longitudinal challenges facing health IT leaders as well as dynamic time-specific concerns.

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