Privacy & Security Forum Boston 2016

By Tom Sullivan 11:37 am January 11, 2019
The square will feature Market Debuts sessions, the NursePitch competition, and HIMSS Winner Circle, all focusing on emerging tech, startups and innovation.
Privacy Security NSA
By Tom Sullivan 04:12 pm December 09, 2016
CISOs, CIOs and infosec pros gathered in Boston this week to tackle a range of security matters, from breach response to worsening cyberattacks to ways in which health IT pros are heroes. Here's a look at the highlights.
MAeHC breach Tripathi
By Jessica Davis 09:55 am December 09, 2016
After his organization lost health data, Micky Tripathi discovered some hard lessons to breach reporting and recovery.
Partners CISO 5 keys breach response
By Mike Miliard 01:06 pm December 08, 2016
Over the course of just a few months, Massachusetts-based Partners HealthCare experienced four separate data breaches across its affiliate hospitals. That gave the health system some valuable real-world experience in breach response, said CISO Jigar Kadakia.  
network hackers
By Jessica Davis 02:29 pm December 07, 2016
Hackers are getting in at the user level, but by using software-defined networking, organizations can reduce the amount of exposed information.
MIT Hacking Medicine
By Tom Sullivan 01:34 pm December 07, 2016
Focus on the patient experience. Embrace existing business models. Chase the Triple Aim. But avoid hospitals for pilot projects.
OCR HIPAA audits on-site
By Tom Sullivan 11:52 am December 07, 2016
HHS Office for Civil Rights said the chances of getting audited are slim, but officials offered advice about what they're looking for when they do conduct an assessment.
By Jessica Davis 09:50 am December 07, 2016
When it comes to medical device security, the greatest challenge is equipment is running on outdated systems. The issue then becomes how to protect the data and determine whether the equipment is safe to operate.
Trump data security healthcare
By Mike Miliard 09:42 am December 07, 2016
Notwithstanding his cryptic if not contradictory stances on the Affordable Care Act, President-elect Donald Trump has a detailed platform on cybersecurity.
outdated security tools
By Jessica Davis 02:51 pm December 06, 2016
Among the items in the ‘security graveyard,’ Intermountain CISO Karl West included flat networks, SOC-less security and compliance-only security.