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By HIMSS TV 07:13 am January 27, 2020
Like adulthood and childhood, "elderhood" is a phase of life that includes different stages, but older adults live in a world where they are invisible, says Dr. Louise Aronson, professor of geriatrics at UCSF. 
By HIMSS TV 02:00 pm January 22, 2020
Healthcare organizations around the globe should be developing innovation strategies and adopting new technologies to survive in a value-based world, says Healthbox President Neil Patel.
By HIMSS TV 02:00 pm January 21, 2020
Pitfalls of healthcare innovation to avoid include the lack of follow-ups, the lack of an innovation strategy and an overemphasis on technology, says Justin Gernot, vice president of HIMSS subsidiary Healthbox.
By HIMSS TV 08:16 am January 17, 2020
Dennis Robbins, a member of the AHA's Health Tech Advisory Group, describes the types of technologies he's excited to see and the challenges of separating effective innovations from the chaff.
By HIMSS TV 02:25 pm January 15, 2020
The American Heart Association — and cardiology as a whole — is primed for the adoption of data-driven innovations, says Dr. Robert Harrington, president of the AHA.
By 12:00 pm January 08, 2020
Tapan Mehta, global head of healthcare solution marketing at Nutanix, says healthcare organizations are increasingly open to adopting new capabilities and technologies to deliver better and more efficient patient-centered care.
By HIMSS TV 07:28 am January 03, 2020
HIMSS Media's Jonah Comstock discusses common themes at the Connected Health Conference, including personal wellness monitoring, telemedicine, and what millennials and Gen Z expect from their healthcare.
By HIMSS TV 12:25 pm January 02, 2020
The "operationalization gap" can be avoided by engaging all stakeholders early on, says Naomi Fried, CEO of Health Innovation Strategies.
By HIMSS TV 05:00 pm December 27, 2019
New connections and a chance to directly address physicians are key benefits of attending conferences such as the AHA Scientific Sessions, says Chris Wasden, head of pharma at Happify Health.
By HIMSS TV 05:00 pm December 26, 2019
"Resilience is better than brilliance" for those hoping to upend healthcare with novel technologies, says Doug Adams, CEO and co-founder of Qura.

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