Innovation Pulse

Laptop and stethoscope
By 01:00 pm July 28, 2020
What clinical innovations could you develop with data and the help of artificial intelligence (AI)? It’s time to put your data to work to help improve care and outcomes using data science and predictive analytics. Join this webinar to hear how Advocate Aurora Health is continually innovating to reduce readmissions and ultimately, improve the...
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By 05:28 pm July 17, 2020
COVID-19 has added momentum to a wave of innovation already building within health IT. The pandemic has also increased the need for strong infrastructure to support these new technologies.
Doctor using smartphone.
By 12:00 pm July 15, 2020
In this webinar, you’ll hear how two health systems rapidly scaled their telehealth programs to keep delivering care while brick-and-mortar locations remained closed.
Doctors looking at a laptop.
By 01:00 pm July 14, 2020
In the world of healthcare, technology is often viewed either as an enabler or a barrier. For many healthcare IT departments, using digital technology to transform the patient and clinician experience sits atop their wish lists and roadmaps. But modernizing antiquated hospital technology systems isn’t as simple as creating your own mobile...
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By 02:00 pm May 13, 2020
Research: US providers’ AI Journey–learn about their challenges, priorities, strategies, and more. The majority of US providers place high importance on data analytics and AI, particularly those in executive leadership roles, according to new research conducted by HIMSS. Healthcare organizations are most often successful at advancing...
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By 02:26 pm April 23, 2020
The next decade will be a pivotal one for health IT innovation. Learn how the next decade will be key to optimized communication, improved interoperability and new support for clinicians.
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By 10:00 am January 28, 2020
Healthcare organizations continue to undergo major digital transformation throughout the continuum of care. Technology, business processes, new government mandates, industry consolidation, and strong consumerism-driven healthcare are just a few of the key underlying forces that continue to fuel the much needed changes in the healthcare space.
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By 01:00 pm December 17, 2019
What healthcare trends will 2020 bring? Facilities today aren’t just looking to get imaging from point A to point B; they are looking for new opportunities for interoperability, innovation, patient and referring physician engagement, and most importantly, diagnostic discovery and clinical breakthroughs.
Doctors looking at a brain scan
By 01:00 pm December 12, 2019
According to new research from HIMSS about innovation, U.S. hospitals are most widely prioritizing initiatives to drive operational, procedural and financial efficiencies, as well as enhance the patient experience. To fully realize these aspirations requires a coordinated mix of people, processes, technology and partners. In this second part of...
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By 04:23 pm December 06, 2019
Change in population health is constant. These changes translate into dynamic needs for healthcare organizations. In order to adapt and position themselves to succeed in value-based care, organizations need a comprehensive, data-first analytics solution that will enable them to leverage all their data and other relevant population health...