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HIMSS Blockchain
By HIMSS Learning Center 02:00 pm October 31, 2018
What is it about blockchain technology that compels us to want to break the business process norm and collaborate with competitors with the goal of positively  transforming healthcare?
By Intel 01:46 pm June 14, 2017
Although innovation stands for opportunities and progress, it can also signal challenges and disruptions. As HIMSS17 attendees saw first-hand, at least one thing is for sure: evolving technologies and innovative practices are driving a more interactive, efficient healthcare experience. This eBook shows examples of how innovation is a critical...
By 01:39 pm June 14, 2017
New approaches being applied to solving the long-standing interoperability challenge include both emerging standards and protocols, and the innovative use of existing technologies. Moving the interoperability bar toward a more connected future state is imperative. This eBook is based on presentations at HIMSS17 that report on today's obstacles...

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