Artificial Intelligence

By HIMSS TV 05:09 pm November 08, 2019
Conversational AI can dynamically respond to and serve patients across the tech literacy spectrum, says Kristi Ebong, SVP and GM at Orbita.
By HIMSS TV 11:45 am November 07, 2019
Alex MacLeod, manager of HealthShare Commercial Initiatives at InterSystems, talks about the key areas where AI is expected to advance healthcare in the coming years.
By HIMSS TV 07:12 am November 04, 2019
Increased demand is changing the business of hospital management; tech advances around supply chain and machine learning can help, says Peter Faulkner, CEO of Bendigo Health, a large regional health service in Victoria, Australia.
By HIMSS TV 08:28 am October 31, 2019
Hal Wolf, president and CEO of HIMSS, says using AI infused into clinical decision support can provide healthcare professionals and patients/consumers with the right information pathways and treatment plans to enable better care outcomes.
By HIMSS TV 04:40 pm October 30, 2019
Gyant CEO Pascal Zuta describes how his company's AI platform can help physicians perform tasks only they can do, thus improving workflow.
By 12:11 pm October 29, 2019
Promising AI tools can enable physicians to perform more effectively across the work that they do, says Dr. Jesse Ehrenfeld, board of trustees chair for the American Medical Association.
By HIMSS TV 11:37 am October 23, 2019
The Mayo Clinic's new 10-year partnership with Google Cloud aims to look for the next breakthroughs that diagnose and treat complex and serious illness or conditions more effectively, says CIO Cris Ross.
By HIMSS TV 08:33 am October 17, 2019
LogixLab's AI-powered diagnostic tool is helping innovate approaches to medical imaging, says Dr. Mohd Hanif Abdul Gaus, the company's director of health technology.
By HIMSS TV 05:24 pm October 07, 2019
Machine learning can improve outcomes and reduce unnecessary spending, says Accredited Health CTO Mark Plaskow.
By HIMSS TV 07:32 am October 02, 2019
Dr. Steven Charlap, CEO of GeneYes, a digital health startup aimed at giving physicians greater insights by improving data management capabilities, says, "We need to redefine what is a doctor."