Artificial Intelligence

By HIMSS TV 04:24 pm July 09, 2018
Ed Marx, CIO at Cleveland Clinic, explains that organizations must be agile in harnessing real-time data for predictive analytics because there is always emerging tech from a data-generating population, so be ready for the next hurdle.
John Barto, healthcare evangelist at Microsoft talks about understanding cognitive services in healthcare
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By HIMSS TV 02:58 pm July 06, 2018
John Barto, healthcare evangelist at Microsoft, outlines the early wins systems are seeing by incorporating cognitive computing platforms into their IT stacks.
Keith Bigelow of GE Healthcare explains how AI can advance precision medicine
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By HIMSS TV 11:56 am July 06, 2018
Keith Bigelow, general manager of analytics for GE Healthcare, says you need great data science, a clinical lens and the ability to seamlessly integrate AI tools into workflows.
Anthony Chang talks AI at Dev4Health
By HIMSS TV 05:25 pm May 08, 2018
Anthony Chang, MD, at CHOC, explains how machine learning will "augment the intelligence of the clinician."
Voice assistants AI at Dev4Health conference
By HIMSS TV 04:56 pm May 08, 2018
Ben Schilens from Orbita discusses the opportunity developers have to improve patient engagement.
By Eric Bailey 10:56 am May 18, 2017
Zeeshan Syed, Director of the Clinical Inference and Algorithms Program at Stanford Healthcare, presents the differences between AI and machine learning and discusses current applications of each technology in healthcare.
Leonard, D’Avolio, Harvard professor and CEO of Cyft
By Eric Bailey 05:26 pm May 15, 2017
Leonard, D’Avolio, Harvard professor and CEO of Cyft, sees a near future where artificial intelligence and machine learning will enable transformative improvements in healthcare. But it's important to have realistic understandings of their capabilities.

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