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Healthcare worker looking at a medical image display.
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By GE Healthcare 12:00 pm February 06, 2019
Join GE Healthcare to learn how a Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) can create the foundation for actionable imaging data across the enterprise, and how VNAs help clinical teams in support of their precision health and AI strategies.
By 02:00 pm January 24, 2019
Kaiser Permanente generates vast data assets across clinical care, healthcare delivery operations, insurance, and more. This session covers two journeys with self-service visual analytics within KP: medical imaging and kidney disease care. Both teams use analytics to empower hundreds of clinical and operational users across Southern California to...
By Hyland 02:00 pm January 17, 2019
The role that Artificial Intelligence is starting to play in the analysis of medical images is transitioning from one of controversy and the threat of displacing radiologist’s jobs to one of being a critical advance in helping them meet the demand for timely and accurate analysis of ever-more prevalent and complex imaging studies. This...
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By GE Healthcare 02:34 pm December 13, 2018
While AI is becoming ubiquitous, we have yet to realize the game-changing clinical, operational, and financial opportunities that await us in healthcare. However, as this paper shows, AI has already begun making progress to solve process inefficiencies, tedious and expensive procedures, guard against human error, and promises to usher in a new era...
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By GE Healthcare 02:30 pm December 13, 2018
In today's health care system, costs remain high; there are great inefficiencies; and for a large percentage of the population globally, access to care is inadequate. As this comprehensive whitepaper demonstrates, it is time to bring change to the health care industry and digital health is acting as a powerful catalyst to manifest that.  
By 01:00 pm October 16, 2018
Janet King and Leonard D’Avolio, Assistant Professor at Brigham and Women’s and Harvard Medical School, will convene to discuss the results of a recent HIMSS Media survey, which polled healthcare providers on their outlook for the future of healthcare IT, with a focus on disruptive technologies.
By 02:00 pm October 10, 2018
Flagler Hospital is a 335-bed hospital in St. Augustine, Florida. They don’t have a single data scientist on staff. Nonetheless, they have orchestrated one of the most successful deployments of artificial intelligence in healthcare - delivering cost savings of more than 30%, reducing the length of stay by days and reducing readmissions by a...
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By 05:45 pm September 12, 2018
How can Artificial Intelligence (AI) transform healthcare? What do healthcare organizations need to do to harness this potential? Learn more in this short, 6-page report. 
By Intel 01:00 pm March 28, 2018
The vision of precision medicine is rapidly becoming a reality. Bringing together new data sets is unlocking new insights and enabling more personalized treatment strategies. However, effective analysis of new, large ‘omics data sets like genomics and radiomics challenges the ability of traditional analytics to scale. Artificial Intelligence...
By 11:00 am February 23, 2018
Roy Smythe, MD, is the Global Chief Medical Officer for Strategy and Partnerships at Philips Healthcare – a company working aggressively to implement advanced computing into the clinical workflow to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of care delivery.  This webinar will review the use of AI in clinical medicine – discussing...

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