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Vaccination programme
By Sara Mageit 07:04 am February 23, 2021
Greece, the UAE and Israel have also been recognised for their vaccine distribution framework. 
By 02:18 am February 23, 2021
Amidst an ever-changing landscape, it’s prudent for healthcare organizations to keep pace with healthcare innovations and reap their benefits.
The three people standing with person near a computer.

L-R: Ethan Ocasio, Neeyanth Kopparapu, Shreeja Kikkisetti and Dr. Gil Alterovitz
(photo courtesy Ethan Ocasio)

By Kat Jercich 02:26 pm February 22, 2021
The group of high school students has spent nearly two years working on an app aimed at making it easier for patients to find clinical trials related to their health conditions.
By Bill Siwicki 11:33 am February 22, 2021
Think of it like advanced imaging analytics: The data it provides clinicians can be invaluable to successfully treating cancer patients.

Physician doing dictation

By Bill Siwicki 01:26 pm February 19, 2021
Social determinants of health can make a big difference in health outcomes. A physician expert in NLP highlights how the AI technology can unearth gold in EHRs.
Conley Camera building in an antique photo

Google will open new office space in the Conley-Maass-Downs building (seen here in 1909) near the Mayo Clinic campus.

By Mike Miliard 03:26 pm February 18, 2021
The Rochester facility, which won't open until staff COVID-19 safety comes more into focus, will enable the two organizations to build on their "shared cultures of collaboration" said Mayo CIO Cris Ross.
Regional Cancer Care Associates New Jersey AI

Regional Cancer Care Associates, Olney, Maryland

By Bill Siwicki 11:11 am February 18, 2021
Regional Cancer Care Associates used machine learning algorithms to identify patients at highest risk for COVID-19 during the pandemic, and help it direct care coordination resources.
By Mike Miliard 11:05 am February 18, 2021
ANSI/CTA-2090 puts the focus on three must-haves, according to the Consumer Technology Organization: human trust, technical trust and regulatory trust.
GE Healthcare, AI

Credit: Pixabay

By Ahmed El Sherif 10:39 am February 17, 2021
Using GE Healthcare’s Edison Health Services, CUREA’s team will first work on AI-based applications focused on COVID-19 and breast cancer.
By Susan Morse 05:23 pm February 16, 2021
For AI to have impact, it must take a human-centered approach, easily integrate into physician workflows and be friendly to use.