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By Nathan Eddy 12:10 pm March 27, 2020
The goal of the hackathon is to bring together the decentralized artificial intelligence community in an effort to help find new approaches to combat the coronavirus crisis.

Credit: CLEW

By Tammy Lovell 06:33 am March 27, 2020
Predictive analytics platform CLEW is working with two Israeli hospitals to manage and treat patients infected with the COVID-19 virus, while protecting frontline care workers.

This heat map from Kinsa Health indicates a recent increase in fevers in Florida that preceded a rise in coronavirus cases.

By Fred Bazzoli 11:50 am March 26, 2020
Uploaded temperature readings from a million Kinsa Health devices are enabling the company to map atypical fevers, offering a potential warning of increases in virus infections.
By Mike Miliard 04:00 pm March 24, 2020
The private-sector collaborative includes EHR vendors (Epic, athenahealth), Big Tech (AWS, Microsoft), health systems (Mayo, Intermountain) and many others, all working to speed development of "secure, ethical, innovative, open source" tools to combat the crisis.
Clinical AI vendor Jvion unveils COVID Community Vulnerability Map
By Bill Siwicki 01:26 pm March 24, 2020
The map identifies populations likely to experience severe outcomes once infected – and the socioeconomic drivers for such a risk, helping providers allocate resources.
AI algorithm IDs abnormal chest X-rays from COVID-19 patients
By Bill Siwicki 11:13 am March 23, 2020
“Instant triage” capability from could speed diagnosis of COVID-19 and help ensure resources are allocated properly.

Researchers used computer vision algorithm to detect changes in colon cancer cell appearance and organisation.

By Lisa Wells 05:09 am March 23, 2020
Up until now, the role of these olfactory genes outside the nose has been largely unknown. 
By Mike Miliard 03:21 pm March 13, 2020
Cybersecurity firm CynergisTek is using AI to help hospitals detect unauthorized access to electronic health records and prevent breaches caused by coronavirus curiosity.
Biofourmis’ AI-fueled remote monitoring tech provides insights in fight against COVID-19

The Biovitals Sentinel analytics system that Biofourmis customized for COVID-19.

By Bill Siwicki 12:11 pm March 13, 2020
Program administered by The University of Hong Kong has international implications and applications; clinicians leverage wearables and AI to accelerate disease surveillance and interventions.
Jvion debuts AI-powered social determinants of health technology
By Bill Siwicki 01:05 pm March 11, 2020
The new system, developed with Microsoft Azure, is designed to help healthcare organizations align community resources to identify gaps and social barriers to care.

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