Top 10 free medical iPhone apps

This list gathers the 10 most popular free iPhone apps from the medical section of the iTunes App Store.

  1. Epocrates - The Epocrates iPhone application allows the user to view continually updated clinical data. Once downloaded, the user can check for drug-drug interaction, identify pills by physical characteristics and perform medical calculations such as BMI and GFR.  Epocrates is customizable to the user's speciality and practice.

  2. Skyscape Medical Resources - Skyscape provides a collection of medical information and decision for healthcare professionals. The resources include RxDrugs, evidence-based clinical information on diseases and symptoms, Archimedes Medical Calculator, and up-to-date MedAlert drug information.

  3. EyeChart - The Snellen Eye Chart is an eye chart used by care professionals and others to measure visual acuity. The original chart is placed at 20', but this iPhone application is to be held at 4' for rough acuity screen.

  4. Taber's Medical Dictionary - Taber's Medical Dictionary app contains over 60,000 terms, 1,000 photos, and 600 Patient Care Statements. In addition, Taber provides definitions and other resources, such as nutrition and alternative therapy, coverage, medical abbreviations, and units of measurements.

  5. MedCalc - MedCalc is a free medical calculator that gives the user access to an array of medical formulas and scores. Other features of this app include custom overlaid controls, support for US and IS units, bibliographic reference for formulas, and lists of recently used equations.

  6. Davis's Drug Guide - Davis's Drug Guide provides up-to-date, comprehensive, and practical information on over 5,000 trade name and generic drugs. This application also displays information on drug - drug/natural/food interactions, appendices with dose calculations, customizable bookmarking, and patient safety information.

  7. Eponyms (for students) - Eponyms displays a short description from more than 1,600 medical eponyms (ex. Sheehan's syndrome, Virchow's node). This application is free for students.

  8. STAT ICD-9 LITE - STAT ICD-9 LITE provides all 13,677 ICD-9-CD diagnosis codes to the user's iPhone or iPod touch for quick retrieval by disease classification in a drill-down format, with no typing.

  9. PubMed On Top Lite - PubMed On Tap Lite searches PubMed to provide and display reference information. This application has all the features of the full version except for a shortened display of 5 records returned per search. Other features of this application include EZproxy support, internal Web browser, option to email results in text or RIS form, advanced search options, and remember/recall recent searches.

  10. Cardio Calc - Cardio Calc is an application designed help manage patients with cardiovascular disease or hyperlipidemia. The features of this application include Framingham and Reynolds Risk Scores to determine cardiovascular risk and use of the CHADS2 score to guide treatment in atrial fibrillation.




Photo by William Hook and obtained under Creative Commons license.