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By 05:28 pm March 24, 2020

As healthcare organizations integrate more mobile devices, their security demands increase as well. This survey of senior health IT decision-makers explores their readiness to protect data on the move.

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By 05:05 pm March 13, 2019

This updated index is designed to help companies assess their own environment and calibrate their mobile defenses. It is based on a recent survey of nearly 700 professionals involved in buying, managing and securing mobile devices for their organization, with additional data and insights provided by several leading vendors in mobile security and management.

By 05:57 pm March 05, 2018

The goal of this report is to inform security practitioners in the healthcare industry—and anyone else who has a level of responsibility for the protected health information (PHI) of their employees—about the scope of the threats that they face.

By 11:47 am February 01, 2017

Connected IoT devices such as smart home appliances, wearables and industrial control sensors represent a new entry point for cyber-attackers. Learn why your cybersecurity program needs to include safeguards around IoT devices and connecting points.

By 09:36 am January 26, 2017

Want to know more about how a fleet of sensors and the right machine-to-machine communication can automate and streamline some operational processes within your organization?

By 09:14 am February 09, 2016

Cyberattacks happen every day, to every type of enterprise and can prove disastrous if not handled swiftly. Unchecked, hackers can invade your IT infrastructure, destroy your data, and ruin your reputation. Quick, effective response is critical.

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