Doctor examining patient.
By 09:02 am February 13, 2019

Enabling meaningful experiences across all touchpoints.

By 08:59 am February 11, 2019

Blockchain credentialing for rapid deployment of virtual care.

Doctor looking at X-ray on mobile device
By 10:18 am February 06, 2019

The path to a 5G-enabled healthcare future.

Glasses showing clearer vision.
By 12:42 pm January 31, 2019

A prescription for correcting cybersecurity “blind-spots.”

By 09:18 am March 14, 2018

In healthcare, there’s likely been no more critical investment in technology they’ve had to make than in mobile engagement and the infrastructure required to support it.

By 05:01 pm March 02, 2018

5G is expected to become mainstream in 2020 and it is designed to support ultra-reliable, low-latency and massive data communications.

By 09:13 am March 01, 2018

The new imperative for healthcare isn’t just engagement. It’s experience.

By 01:35 pm February 27, 2018

Forrest Carr, director of business innovation and digital experience for Verizon Enterprise Solutions, defines digital convergence and discusses how it differs from digital transformation as the new enterprise imperative, what that looks like for healthcare, what strategies can address challenges of convergence, and how to innovate toward desired outcomes.

CX in healthcare: It’s all about culture
By 05:45 pm February 25, 2018

Nancy Green, global practice lead for healthcare and life sciences at Verizon Enterprise Solutions, discusses how widening your view on patient experience will require new models and new thinking. She highlights the evolving focus on customer experience in healthcare, the role that voice-of-the-customer feedback plays in CX design and why integrating best practices for CX has less to do with the right technology than it does with the right organizational culture.

An overdue look at simplifying security
By 05:23 pm February 24, 2018

John Loveland, global head of cyber security strategy and marketing for Verizon Enterprise Solutions, addresses the challenges across the enterprise with security program complexity and elusive ROI—what factors are making this difficult for healthcare organizations and why a growing focus on CX for healthcare consumers is increasing that complexity. Loveland also shares findings from the Verizon Protected Health Information (PHI) Report and gives some insight about the upcoming launch of the Verizon Risk Report for enterprises.