Dell EMC

By 09:21 am March 04, 2019

Learn how healthcare organizations are reimagining their digital infrastructure to meet rapidly changing patient expectations and the continuing shift to value-based care.

Doctor talking to patient.
By 10:47 am January 09, 2019

Hear how a one-of-a-kind non-profit genomics research institute is leveraging its multi-cloud strategy to open access to its research in order to drive precision medicine from research to clinical application.

By 09:43 am August 13, 2018

Hear this PODCAST on how Kentucky’s largest non-for-profit health system is reshaping its technology, people and processes to become a digital leader in today’s evolving healthcare landscape.

By 09:44 am June 04, 2018

This podcast will include a short recap of data collected from a research study commissioned by Dell Technologies in which the views of healthcare business leaders weighed in on the future, and how they intend to realize their own digital transformation in the next few years.

By 08:25 am October 31, 2017

One man’s journey through the process.

By 09:04 am June 05, 2017

The last podcast in this series looks at current opportunities presented by advancements in Precision Medicine. How are healthcare organizations and patients learning to leverage the knowledge locked in our genes? And how can this knowledge become a real opportunity today?

By 09:07 am May 30, 2017

This podcast explores one key question: Who owns/profits from the data? This is a key question today for electronic medical records, and a question that has no straight answer.

By 09:06 am May 22, 2017

In this podcast, we will review some of the ideas we shared in our previous podcasts on this series. We will also provide insights into what is new, what is driving the most current state of change and what we see as the next potential drivers.

Connected Health: How to get started
By 09:05 am October 05, 2016

The first step toward Connected Health is to integrate siloed clinical data and then look to use cases that are easy to integrate and expand into Connected Health initiatives.

By 04:01 pm September 27, 2016

The value of Connected Health in the form of coordinated care across the continuum for high-quality care and improved health outcomes can only be realized when three barriers are successfully addressed.