Precision Medicine - Planning for the now

As the industry moves toward precision medicine, one of the biggest issues that must be addressed is scalability and performance.
08:04 AM

As the healthcare industry moves toward precision medicine, the enabling technologies will need to be affordable and new developments must continue to be innovative. One of the biggest issues that must be addressed is scalability and performance. The cloud figures to play a prominent role in terms of making technology cost-efficient and being able to scale, either as a sole solution or a hybrid solution of the cloud and housing the HPC clusters on premise. A number of emerging technologies offer a solution to scaling up as more genomic information is integrated into the electronic health record and enabling users to access that information in real time or near real time. Provider organizations that are just entering the market should partner with a knowledgeable high-performance compute partner that has expertise in the genomics domain. While large teaching hospitals are at the forefront of precision medicine initiatives, many mainstream provider organizations are also embracing the promise of precision medicine. There is much work to be done, which is why all stakeholders in the industry need to participate and contribute in order for precision medicine to be available for patients in the near future.

Join Jennifer Girka, healthcare strategist within Dell’s Healthcare & Life Sciences division, as she provides an introduction to precision medicine. Girka is responsible for providing strategic insight to help Dell advance its support of healthcare organizations, medical professionals and patients through information-enabled healthcare. With more than 20 years helping to advance the healthcare industry with new opportunities and emerging technology, she works closely with healthcare customers and practitioners to bring them the right mix of technology innovation and solutions that will help them navigate through the ever-changing and increasingly complex world of healthcare.