Doctor looking at analytics display
By 05:10 pm April 07, 2021

In this webinar, a panel of two healthcare providers and one healthcare technology partner share their insights on the role technology plays in enabling safe and efficient cardiovascular care.

Red Hat's Healthcare Market Leader Atif Chaughtai
By 02:58 pm March 24, 2021

Red Hat's Healthcare Market Leader Atif Chaughtai discusses how to find signals in data in a clinical setting to diagnose patients earlier than a typical diagnosis takes.

Hyland, digital health

Credit: Photo by David Sacks/ Getty Images

By 11:52 am March 22, 2021

Healthcare experts from across Europe discussed, in two virtual panels, how systems have been prioritising the acceleration of their digital transformation, in order to improve outcomes, since COVID hit last year.

Greg Benton and Craig Schlusberg, ERP practice leaders at The Chartis Group
By 04:24 pm March 19, 2021

To ensure a smooth ERP implementation, start with the end in mind, say Greg Benton and Craig Schlusberg, ERP practice leaders at The Chartis Group.

Fortinet Field CISO Troy Ament
By 07:55 am March 18, 2021

As the attack surface continues to expand as digital transformation advances, Troy Ament, field CISO of healthcare/pharma at Fortinet, explains why it is "super critical" that security is embedded into that transformation and not just bolted on.

KPMG, Saudi Arabia, 2030 Vision

Left to right: Samar Nassar, healthcare markets director at KPMG in Saudi Arabia and Emmeline Roodenburg, head of healthcare at KPMG in Saudi Arabia. 

By 08:28 am March 15, 2021

Since the launch of Saudi Arabia’s strategic 2030 Vision, the Kingdom has been working to create an integrated health system which will empower the patient, promote disease prevention and encourage citizens to make use of primary care.

Sinequa VP Jeff Evernham
By 04:31 pm March 05, 2021

The power of Intelligent Search, says Sinequa VP Jeff Evernham, is its capability to analyze unstructured content and documents as well as structured information for faster, smarter decision-making.

Rocket with space shuttle
By 10:08 am March 05, 2021

New report published by Frost & Sullivan highlights the growing adoption of Care Journey Orchestration as a way for health systems to stay ahead, improve margins and enhance patient loyalty.

digital pathology, patient portals
By 05:17 am March 04, 2021

In an interview with Healthcare IT News, Swiss consultancy firm Indema shares its views on investment priorities of hospitals and trends in the Swiss and German market.

Chartis Group's Thomas Kiesau and Gregg Mohrmann
By 02:57 pm March 03, 2021

There's been a regression in the use of virtual health since its huge spike at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic; the answer is changing the operating model, say The Chartis Group's Thomas Kiesau and Gregg Mohrmann.