Connected Health: How to get started

The first step toward Connected Health is to integrate siloed clinical data and then look to use cases that are easy to integrate and expand into Connected Health initiatives.
09:05 AM
Connected Health: How to get started

Deploying a Connected Health initiative need not be a major undertaking for healthcare providers. For beginners, the first step is to integrate the siloed clinical data that exists throughout the enterprise. Small use cases that provide immediate return on investment, such as improving access to specialized care in the emergency room, should be the next step. For healthcare organizations that are further down the road of Connected Health, implementing a population health initiative, such as targeting a population with chronic disease, makes good use of connectivity and care across the continuum. Partnering with a technology partner can help both beginners and veterans for the overall goal of delivering Connected Health.

About the Speaker:

Susmit Pal, Healthcare Strategist, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Dell EMC

As a healthcare strategist within the Healthcare & Life Sciences division at Dell EMC, Susmit Pal is responsible for advising healthcare organizations and medical professionals on the latest technology advancements and IT solutions to help clinicians and patients improve outcomes and control cost through information-enabled healthcare.

A Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP), Pal has been dedicated to providing greater awareness of security challenges in healthcare. Backed by more than 14 years in the healthcare and manufacturing industries, he has been instrumental in shaping Dell EMC’s business strategy and product roadmap which led to investments in new areas for Dell EMC’s solution portfolio in healthcare. Pal also helped in the launch of the Dell Healthcare Advisory Board, a function that examines critical issues affecting the healthcare market and the technology solution needs of the industry.