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01:00 pm July 23, 2019

Security is more critical than ever for healthcare organizations. At the same time, the sector has become one of the most easily targeted. Hospitals, for example, are falling victim to cyber-attacks such as ransomware and business email compromise (BEC). However, healthcare organizations attack surface extends beyond email.

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By LexisNexis 11:00 am July 18, 2019

The rise in digital health initiatives with telehealth and telemedicine presents more vulnerabilities to patient data than ever before. As a result, health systems are not only enduring a record number of data breaches, but also suffering millions of dollars in fines, settlements and operational losses. Given the urgent responsibility of protecting identity data from clever hackers, enabling patient engagement with frictionless access points for portal adoption is an ongoing challenge.

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03:40 pm July 15, 2019

A survey Vocera® conducted at HIMSS19 with HIMSS Analytics, part of Definitive Healthcare, points to the prevalence of cognitive overload. A vast majority of clinical and IT leaders have recognized signs including clinicians appearing stressed or overwhelmed. More than half of survey respondents said clinicians ignore or fail to notice actionable alerts, which are alerts related to a patient’s condition or care.

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By Cisco 03:15 pm July 15, 2019

Like all consumers, today’s patients expect a better experience: convenient scheduling, easy access to services and responsive clinicians. And focusing on the patient is improving the experience for clinicians, too.

By HIMSS TV 08:36 am July 12, 2019

Karley Yoder, senior director of product, Edison AI at GE Healthcare, offers a preview of how the new Edison platform will improve workflow, clinical insight and patient satisfaction.

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03:00 pm July 10, 2019

Advanced printing technologies can positively impact patient outcomes both inside and outside of the healthcare facility. New printing technologies can eliminate the manual process of patient information by leveraging smarter labels and wristbands that can automatically transmit actionable intelligence that ties back to the patient’s correct identity, location, and patient chart in the EMR.

By HIMSS TV 09:15 am July 09, 2019

Mikko Vasama, general manager of Health Systems Nordics at Philips, says training, education and access to technology for patients are imperative, especially when working within a publicly funded healthcare system.

By HIMSS TV 09:02 am July 08, 2019

Taegyun Song, director of Korea Health Industry Development Institute, says over 90% of hospitals in Korea use an e-health system that tracks the patient journey, and now the aim is to develop systems outside medical institutions.

By HIMSS TV 09:14 am July 03, 2019

Automating some processes can deliver diagnoses more quickly, increasing the chance of better outcomes for patients while reducing clinicians' workloads, says Kevin Shah, head of Enterprise New Business at Fujifilm Europe.

08:49 am July 01, 2019

Practical tips from the InterSystems workshop organised at the HIMSS & Health 2.0 European Conference in Helsinki.