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ICD-10 Compliance and Beyond: Completing the Journey

You might be feeling déjà vu all over again, but there are fewer than 18 months left until the ICD-10 deadline. Now's the time to start planning - not just for implementation but, even more important, how to live with the codes after October 1, 2014, when healthcare organizations have to begin actually using them. This online supplement to Healthcare IT News and Healthcare Finance News will examine what steps healthcare organizations can take today to successfully transition.

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Navigating the Cloud: An e-Supplement to Healthcare IT News and Government Health IT

Cloud computing holds great promise for healthcare. The industry's tech-laggard status makes healthcare ripe for the cloud model, be that public, private, hybrid or virtualized and consolidated datacenters. Bursting with feature articles, audio interviews,infographics and case studies, this new e-supplement, Navigating the Cloud published by Healthcare IT News and Government Health IT, dives deep into health-centric trends such as Big Data, BYOD, HIE, hosted EHRs, privacy and security, and the federal government's cloud progress and problems – and how those trends intersect with the cloud computing model already so prevalent in most other industries.

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Healthcare IT News' 2012 Where to Work: BEST Hospital IT Departments

Best Hospitals 2012 coverOCTOBER 2012


More than 10,000 employees completed the 2012 BEST Hospital IT Departments survey


By Mike Moran, Project Editor

This is the second year for Healthcare IT News' "Where to Work: BEST Hospital IT Departments" program, and participation took a dramatic jump over last year's debut.

In 2011, 179 hospitals were nominated for the program; 75 of those hospitals qualified; and overall 4,945 IT employees completed the extensive 67-question online survey. This year, those numbers skyrocketed: 272 hospitals were nominated, 125 qualified and 10,863 IT employees completed the survey. (To qualify for the program, at least half of a hospital's IT employees must take the survey.)

When you consider how swamped with work hospital IT departments are these days, that kind of participation is impressive. If you're a busy person, you know that just setting aside 15 minutes during the workday (about how long it takes to complete the Best Hospital's survey), can be a challenge.  Read more


Vital Signs: Taking the pulse of an industry in transition


JUNE 2012

With the uncertainty surrounding the fate of health reform as the industry awaits a ruling from the Supreme Court, payers are faced with challenges on multiple fronts: ICD-10 implementation, preparing for health insurance exchanges, new payment models and responding to increased consolidation of providers, among others.

Regardless of the ultimate fate of health reform, payers must find ways to redefine their businesses and products to bring them in line within a rapidly changing industry.

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