By Kyle Hardy 09:48 am June 14, 2010
MyIR is a patient-facing iPhone app designed to help track immunization status.
By Kyle Hardy 03:00 pm May 27, 2010
The University of Maryland Medical Center has launched its own Medical Encyclopedia mobile application that serves as a reference tool and companion to diagnosing basic aliments.
By Jamie Thompson 10:37 am May 27, 2010
This slideshow features data from a survey conducted by BridgeHead Software, which reveals the data storage concerns of healthcare executives.
By Jamie Thompson 10:29 am May 21, 2010
Independent research firm KLAS measured PACS vendor performance in the Acute Care, Community, and Ambulatory markets. This slideshow features some of the findings of that research.
By Kyle Hardy 10:48 am May 12, 2010
MedCalc, a free iPhone application developed by Pascal Pfiffner, MD and Mathias Tschopp, MD is full of useful conversion factors and calculators, and would be a good addition to any nurse's tool box at the point of care.
By Kyle Hardy 08:54 am May 07, 2010
iTriage, a free iPhone app developed by Healthagen, achieves what few medical apps do: It's appropriate for care providers and patients alike.
By Kyle Hardy 09:09 am April 27, 2010
Skyscape is a free iPhone app for doctors. It combines easy-to-use features and a great visual experience for use at the point of care, while including other more in-depth resources.
By Jamie Thompson 01:29 pm April 09, 2010
Billians HealthData and Porter Research conducted a benchmark survey in March/April 2009 following release of the initial legislation of the HITECH Act, with a follow-up survey conducted in January/February 2010 after the expanded meaningful use requirements were added to the legislation.
By Chip Means 04:39 pm April 02, 2010
President Obama visited Portland, Maine on April 1 to stump for his healthcare reform legislation. Not surprisingly, the scene of his visit was filled with supporters and detractors alike.
By Jamie Thompson 08:39 am March 25, 2010
The following breaches of unsecured protected health information were reported to the Health and Human Services Secretary, in accordance with the HITECH Act.