By Wendy Almeida 10:22 am March 08, 2017
Leaders in the industry offered their thoughts at HIMSS17 about what leadership qualities and vision are needed in today's climate for healthcare IT.
connected health HIMSS17
By Wendy Almeida 10:55 am March 06, 2017
Speakers at the conference focus on concepts needed to better connect patients and doctors in meaningful ways for improved outcomes in care.
Women in Health IT
By Wendy Almeida 07:37 am March 03, 2017
The HIMSS17 roundtable focused on the influence women can have in the workplace with the award-winning professionals sharing ideas on next steps for the profession.
HIMSS17 health IT
By Wendy Almeida 10:05 am February 28, 2017
Education sessions with industry leaders, new products and platforms on display on the bustling exhibition floor along with scores of parties and networking nights for the 42,000 attendees. Here's our visual recap of this year's event.
HIMSS17 with John Boehner
By Wendy Almeida 01:34 pm February 24, 2017
Faulkner, Boehner, Leavitt, Rometty, Kansky, McClellan, Slavitt and others talk to packed audiences in Orlando about the current state of healthcare IT and next steps for the industry.
By Wendy Almeida 09:58 am February 10, 2017
Innovative ideas, research and case studies are shared, discussed and analyzed at the annual HIMSS conference each year. This gallery highlights some important ideas from HIMSS16 and offers a preview on how this year’s conference will develop them in 2017.
HIMSS17 Hashtag Guide
By Healthcare IT News 09:59 am February 01, 2017
The HIMSS17 Hashtag Guide is designed to help you follow topics, trends and conversations dominating this year's conference.
HIMSS Women in Health IT
By Bernie Monegain 07:08 am January 05, 2017
Posing for a photo at HIMSS16 is the group of women who started the ball rolling on recognizing the contributions women in health IT are making to the industry.
HIMSS Keynote Speakers over the years
By Healthcare IT News 04:02 pm January 04, 2017
The HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition has had some big-name keynote speakers over the years, pulling from the ranks of politics, big tech and even the White House.
Healthcare IT in 2017
By Healthcare IT News 09:07 am January 03, 2017
A survey of 95 healthcare organization executives was conducted in October 2016 and offers a preview of 2017 for the industry.