05:35 pm November 28, 2018
During December, we’ll interview thought leaders and experts to determine how data is redesigning the roles CEOs, CFOs, COOs and other execs play and take a business-first perspective on tactics such as cloud computing, telehealth and patient experience
08:00 am November 01, 2018
In November we delve into the ways AI and machine learning have already taken root in healthcare and examine the promise and threats of AI.
08:00 am October 01, 2018
During October, we talk to infosec executives and experts about the problems and practical steps to securing sensitive data, advice about what to do after a security incident, and a look at emerging trends.
08:00 am September 05, 2018
In September we’ll focus on innovation to help healthcare systems foster and manage innovative projects and prepare strategies to keep pace in the ever-changing world of information and technology.
By by Bill Siwicki 11:49 am July 19, 2018
Our next-gen series dives into what’s coming on the near horizon from the very experts shaping the future of healthcare.
By Healthcare IT News Staff 09:18 am June 20, 2018
This collection highlights some of the biggest breaches across the industry – and points to some mistakes to avoid in the future.
By Video by HIMSS TV 11:04 am June 01, 2018
HIMSS TV was on location at the Dev4Health Conference in Cleveland for a high-level look at innovative projects happening in the developer community.
By Healthcare IT News Staff 12:34 pm April 30, 2018
Check out our latest coverage about how health IT is helping to fight the epidemic.
By by Bill Siwicki 11:20 am April 13, 2018
Enterprise imaging is a fundamental component of a modern health system and we look at how smart systems are getting ready for the future.
By Healthcare IT News Staff 08:12 am February 19, 2018
We talk to the experts about their education sessions in Vegas this year.