Product Spotlight: Mobile workstations

Demand for mobile up

By Patty Enrado, Contributing Editor

Stage 3 of the EMR Adoption Model, devised by HIMSS Analytics, to track EMR progress at hospitals and health systems, is growing very quickly, said Mike Davis, executive vice president. Hospitals are implementing Stage 3 and higher nursing applications, which are driving up the demand for mobile devices for point-of-care strategies.

The challenge for CIOs is which devices do they implement – computers on wheels, PDAs, Tablet PCs, and so on. CIOs need to align the needs of their clinicians and the mobile computing devices with what the clinicians are trying to accomplish, said Davis. Ultimately, he said, mobile workstations deliver efficiency and guidance and alerts at the point of care to improve patient safety and outcomes.

Blaine Cappel at Memorial Health System stands by an Omnicell cart.
Mike Davis, executive vice president of HIMSS Analytics, identifies trends to watch in the mobile workstation market:

1. GROWTH: The mobile workstation market will grow substantially within the next three to five years, with less than 5 percent of U.S. hospitals at Stage 4 of the EMR Adoption Model.

2. PRICE BARRIER: Price continues to be a barrier, despite the better, faster, cheaper technological advances. Hospitals need to consider total cost of ownership for a three-to five-year lifecycle.

3. BATTERY DRAWBACK: Battery technology still needs to be improved and remains the biggest drawback of mobile workstations, and designs must continue to meet the needs of users.

New apps spur demand for mobility
Artromick: NX10 Workstation
Artromick's new NX10 Mobile Computing Workstation provides superior floor performance, complete flexibility for Nursing and IT, and dependable computing throughout patient care sessions. Select from a host of computing options including All-In-One PC, laptop, tablet or thin-client solutions.
Contact: Michael Raney, 800.848.6462
Ergotron: StyleView LCD Cart, 40 Ah Powered/66 Ah Powered
An environmentally clean point-of-care cart with the lowest total cost of ownership and the most standard features, including basket, front/rear handles, scanner holder, mouse pouch, advanced cable management, AC inlet powered coiled cord, USB hub, lighted keyboard tray and much more.
Contact: Michelle Judd, Ergotron marketing department, 651.905.4870
Flo Healthcare: Flo 1800
The Flo 1800 offers a sleek design that enables clinicians to access real-time information at the point of care. Designed for technology options and upgrades, the integration on this wireless workstation sets new standards in increased stability, quality and reliability over the complete life cycle.
Contact: Chad Ramage, vice president of sales and marketing, 877.FLO.4040
InfoLogix: Ultra SL
Ultra SL mobile workstation can accommodate virtually any computing hardware configuration including upgrades such as height adjustable keyboard, lockable medication drawers, and vital signs monitor mount - as well as a Honeywell cordless 2D imager, which allows for accurate distribution of patient medication - and is loaded with ergonomic features for user comfort, safety and convenience.
Contact: Katrina McSweeney, 215.604.0691
MPC Computers: ClientPro 434 ALL-In-One for Cart and Wall Mounts
Whether your staff is registering a patient into the ER, filling a prescription in a pharmacy or charting nurse’s notes in a physician’s office, counter space is often in short supply for medical facilities. The one-piece, wireless-enabled ClientPro 434 All-In-One reduces desktop clutter by delivering the power of a full-sized PC in the same amount of room as a standard LCD display. Ideal as a kiosk for secure network access, the 434 AIO features an integrated SmartCard reader to protect sensitive patient data and is available in optional widescreen or touchscreen versions.
Contact: Bob Peterson, healthcare program manager, 770.476.7494
NVIDIA: Quadro FX Mobile Solutions: 3700M, FX 2700M, 1700M, 770M, and 370M
The NVIDIA Quadro FX family of mobile graphics solutions bring a new level of flexibility and portability to notebook workstations by offering uncompromised graphics performance and quality for visual computing.
Omnicell: The Mobile Cart Solution
Omnicell mobile carts are designed for use both as a stand-alone computers on wheels and as medication carts when outfitted with interchangeable, lockable drawers. Using an Omnicell mobile system improves efficiency, reduces the risk of clinical errors, and enhances patient safety.
Contact: Tony Martello, 800-850-6664
Rubbermaid Medical Solutions: M38 Mobile Computer Cart
Rubbermaid Medical Solutions is the premier provider of medication carts and mobile computing solutions for healthcare facilities striving to enhance patient care, safety and staff productivity. The company’s products are designed to reduce user fatigue and improve workflow while adapting to multiple clinical environments.
Contact: 888.859.8294
User reviews
"Since we began using Omnicell mobile carts, Memorial Health has been able to improve efficiency, reduce the risk of clinical errors, and enhance patient safety."
Lesson learned: "There are a variety of combinations of features that are available, and we learned that it is important to get the nurses input on the specification of the system up front so that they are more comfortable using mobile carts during patient care."

Blaine Cappel, director of Information Technology, Memorial Health System

"Rubbermaid's after sale support delivered as promised and reduced the overall impact of incorporating their product into our environment."

Erik Stielow, manager of CSG Technical projects, Shands Customer Support Group - Information Services Division for Shands Healthcare System