Zynx Health launches new decision support services

By Industry News Release
01:31 PM

Zynx Health, a provider of evidence-based and experience-based clinical decision support (CDS) solutions, today announced the launch of ZynxValue+, a portfolio of services that identifies measurable gaps in hospital and healthcare organizations’ CDS, and recommends potential improvements in clinical content and processes.

By optimizing CDS, hospitals may improve mortality, admissions, readmissions, length of stay, and cost. These 5 key clinical and financial outcomes are closely tied to U.S. healthcare reform funding incentives.
With a tailored and prescriptive approach, Zynx Health recently piloted ZynxValue+ to a select group of hospitals and healthcare organizations. In addition to the original pilot group, Zynx Health has now performed assessments for more than 25 clients to date. In 14 of the assessments performed specifically for chronic heart failure, Zynx Health has identified specific opportunities for clients to improve the quality and cost of care, representing the potential for 215 lives saved, 1,735 hospitalizations avoided, and $2.3 million in cost savings. A commonly identified gap in evidence-based clinical content and processes pertains to heart failure treatment. A recent study shows that the optimal implementation of evidence-based therapies could prevent 67,996 heart failure deaths annually.1
“ZynxValue+ is the most valuable Zynx Health solution currently available. Zynx Health is a brain trust of the best in medical evidence, so it is incredibly assuring to know Zynx is reviewing the efficacy and accuracy of our order sets,” says Dr. Greg Schroedl, chief medical officer of Northwest Hospital & Medical Center in Seattle, Washington. “ZynxValue+ will enable us to continually improve the care we offer our patients and will move us closer to excellence.”
All hospitals and healthcare systems are invited to receive a complementary ZynxValue+ assessment for heart failure and pneumonia, conditions that have demonstrated improved cost and quality outcomes with evidence-based CDS at the point of care. Zynx Health clients may also receive a complementary assessment for dozens of conditions.
After performing a ZynxValue+ assessment, Zynx Health will provide recommendations for closing any identified gaps in clinical processes and content. Clients will receive a detailed report listing the recommended changes needed in their CDS in order to remain current with the evidence. To ensure the CDS is fully optimized, Zynx Health offers ongoing support to close identified gaps and keep the enhanced content and processes current and evidence based. These updates will reflect important FDA safety advisories, changes in guidelines, and other significant regulatory notifications. The update and maintenance services may be provided as a complement to clients’ existing maintenance and update process. Zynx Health will also perform a system-wide assessment of CDS across the entire inpatient-to-ambulatory care continuum.
“We are excited to offer ZynxValue+ to all healthcare facilities to improve clinical and financial outcomes across the continuum of care,” said Scott Weingarten, MD, MPH, president and CEO of Zynx Health. “With promising results from more than 25 different hospital and health systems, we have shown that this next-generation approach to clinical decision support will provide greater improvements in mortality, admissions, readmissions, length of stay, and healthcare costs. ZynxValue+ will significantly reduce the time, effort, and costs for organizations to update, maintain, and optimize clinical decision support directly in their EHRs.”