WhiteGlove Launches Empowered Health Solution

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11:35 AM

WhiteGlove Health, Inc., today announces the launch of a best-of-breed population health management solution called Empowered Health Solution, which includes:

  • Two exciting and powerful web-based empowerment portals that leverage a common technology platform; one for the employer and one for the member
  • A comprehensive suite of technology-enabled health and wellness services that share a single view of the patient and are delivered by WhiteGlove's clinical team

WhiteGlove's Employer portal enables employers to control the activation of health and wellness programs in real time resulting in better outcomes for their employees. With the portal, employers can also view and assess the impact of their population's care compliance, participation, health, level of chronic disease, and more (based on clinical encounter data). Neither medical care nor generic medications prescribed by Whiteglove clinicians result in additional costs to employers; they are included as part of WhiteGlove's health management solution.

WhiteGlove's Empowered Health Solution empowers the members to manage their own health (and the health of their family) through visibility and control of their health data.  With its Member portal, WhiteGlove gives members access to their health information online such as medical history, medical records, lab results, Rx medications, personalized care plans, program communications, and condition-specific content, together with the ability to schedule care, when and where they want it, 365 days a year.

"The Empowered Health Solution combines a robust suite of technology-enabled health and wellness services that all share a common view of the patient – such as biometric capture, wellness coaching, disease management, acute and chronic care, telemedicine, and case management – with powerful web-based portals for both the member and employer," said Robert Fabbio, chief executive officer and founder of WhiteGlove. "For employers, we empower them with the ability to view and analyze real-time health and wellness information, along with the ability to communicate with members in a HIPAA-compliant, targeted way, to manage their population's health and drive better outcomes.  For members, we empower them with a comprehensive view of their personal health information and the ability to schedule their own medical care, which gives them an unrivaled ability to manage their own health and wellness."

About WhiteGlove Health

WhiteGlove Health markets a best-of-breed population health management solution.  WhiteGlove Empowered Health Solution combines a comprehensive suite of technology-enabled health and wellness services delivered by our clinical team, a common view of the patient, and an advanced technology platform that enables two web-based portals for employers and members to give the real-time visibility and control required to manage the health of the population.

For more information, please visit www.whiteglove.com.

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