Radisphere to Provide Radiology Services to South Carolina Hospitals

By Industry News Release
04:27 PM

Radisphere National Radiology Group, a radiology interpretations provider, has secured agreements with two Tenet Healthcare facilities  to provide a combination of on-site and remote interpretation services as well as full night-time radiology coverage, all with final interpretations.

The two facilities include the Hilton Head Hospital of Hilton Head, South Carolina and East Cooper Medical Center of Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.

“We are very excited about our new partnerships with Hilton Head Hospital and East Cooper Medical Center,”said Scott Seidelmann, president and CEO of Radisphere National Radiology Group. “The benefit of our services for both hospitals goes well beyond their physicians gaining access to the profession’s leading radiologists. Sub-specialty radiology and the resulting quality of reports, full final reads after hours, consistent reporting and an integrated critical findings result management solution are all Radisphere services they now utilize that the hospitals did not enjoy previously. This new model helps the hospitals meet their objective to improve overall service levels to better serve the medical staff and patient community,” said Seidelmann.

“Our aim is to provide a higher level of service to community hospitals, which have traditionally faced obstacles when it comes to attracting and retaining specialized radiology staff,” said Dr. Peter Franklin, co-founder of Radisphere and Chairman of Radiology. “The issues hospitals care about today are timeliness of results and diagnostic accuracy of the interpretations to ensure the best patient care,” stated Franklin. “By having a National Radiology Group Practice™, we have the specialized team of highly regarded radiologists across the U.S. available to assist our on-site team, all to serve the local physicians and patients. We also back this up with a rigorous quality system of peer review that exceeds any national norms,” he added.