Physician develops new EHR system

By Industry News Release
10:08 AM

Under President Barack Obama’s 2009 economic stimulus law, a new set of federal regulations mandates that health records must be available electronically – essentially  obliging all healthcare providers to upload all medical records on an electronic system. While the new law is meant to protect patients, it may not be the best solution. Having medical records available electronically does not always allow doctors or hospitals to share the information with each other. To best benefit everyone, a universal system that protects patients and aids healthcare professionals in accessing medical records is needed.

Dr. Martin H. Orens, FACEP, a board certified emergency room physician, has developed a new electronic health record (EHR) technology system to solve the issue of patients not being able to access or share medical information with any doctor, laboratory or hospital of their choice. KIS Electronic Health Record (KIS-EHR), is a technologically advanced web-based service that allows patients to manage the accessibility of their health records. Low in cost, KIS-EHR is a secure, comprehensive digitized medical record system that can be accessed at any time, from anywhere.
“With KIS-EHR, a simple click online will allow doctors access to a patient’s medical history, records, lab results and much more. Having this information on hand is critical in life or death situations,” said Dr. Orens. “This new technology in EHRs gives patients an excellent opportunity to take ownership of their medical records and become active participants in the management of their own health care.”
Under the regulations from the Health Information Technology for Clinical Health (HITECH) Act, hospitals, physician offices and other medical facilities must fulfill the government’s goal of universal adoption of EHRs by 2014. With no distinct system to implement, healthcare professionals are left to utilize private services that may not communicate with each other. With KIS-EHR’s patient-driven service, doctors can comply with federal regulations by uploading all health records onto the new online platform and serve the patient’s best interest as well.
A personal, patient-driven EHR allows for:

  • Single source that is accessible 24/7 anywhere in the world;
  • Easy to update and streamlining of medical history;Avoidance of costly and unnecessary repetition of tests and procedures through record keeping;
  • Quick and easy access to prior care to reduce the risk of medical errors;
  • Glance at review of immunizations, specialist reports and prescription-related issues;
  • Secure measures to keep information private;
  • Key individuals to share information with multiple health care providers for time-saving collaborations;
  • Encrypted KIS database to comply with HIPAA compliances and HHS requirements; and
  • Open communication between healthcare providers.

“KIS-EHR empowers patients to invest in their own health care,” explains Dr. Orens. “Online accessibility to medical records helps physicians and offers everyone peace of mind.”
KIS-EHR works to improve the lives of individuals everywhere by giving them more control over their most precious asset—their health records. KARE Information Services (KIS) offers a secure, yet easily accessible Electronic Health Records (EHR) system with the mission of empowering patients and enabling their healthcare professionals to better serve them. Launched in 2011 by Dr. Martin H. Orens, a board certified emergency room physician, KIS makes it possible for patients to allow their doctors access to their complete digitized personal health information anywhere, anytime, helping to ensure the best possible medical treatment. For more information on KIS-EHR, visit, call 1-866-KIS-INFO, become engaged on Facebook at or follow our tweets @KISemr.