Nuance Healthcare showcases Better Day™ EHR as app of the month

By Healthcare IT News
09:58 AM

Better Day™ EHR & Documentation Solution was selected as "App of the Month" by Nuance Healthcare. As noted on its For the Health of IT blog, at, Nuance Healthcare chose Better Day™ to showcase its 360 | Development Platform, which allows third-party software developers to use Nuance's industry-leading, voice-enabled mobile and web-based healthcare applications in new, innovative ways.

Better Day™ was chosen App of the Month because of its unique integration of Nuance's voice recognition technology, which gives healthcare providers the power to document clinical encounters in real time at the point-of-care. As part of its overall innovative approach to facilitating better patient-provider communication and relationships, the Better Day™ platform helps mobile clinicians access, create, share and act on clinical information seamlessly and securely in a patient-centered manner.

"As a physician, I believe natural language processing is the most accurate and efficient means of documenting patient encounters. By intelligently leveraging Nuance's 360 | Development Platform, Better Day™ is able to significantly reduce the unnecessary burden and waste caused by manual data entry and transcription in clinical documentation," says Dr. Peter Ragusa, MD, MPH, CEO and Founder of VoiceHIT, developer of the Better Day™ EHR platform. "By speech-enabling the Better Day™ application, our providers are able to improve the quality of patient encounters by focusing more attention on the patient and less on clinical documentation," said Ragusa.

The Better Day™ EHR & Documentation Solution seamlessly embeds Nuance Healthcare's secure, cloud-based platform across all major operating systems and mobile devices - including smartphones/tablets (iOS and Android) and laptops/desktops via any major modern web browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari).

Thousands of hospitals and clinics worldwide trust Nuance Healthcare to accurately capture patients' stories while improving clinical documentation, provider satisfaction and patient care. Because Nuance Healthcare's 360 | Development Platform (formerly the Nuance Healthcare Developer Program) provides a secure, cloud-based, medical speech recognition, Better Day™ is able to capture structured, actionable data while improving mobility and patient care.

A new report, "Point of Care Computing for Physicians 2012," prepared by Spyglass Consulting, indicates 98 percent of physicians interviewed are using mobile devices to support both personal and professional work flows, heightening the need for intuitive, user-friendly healthcare applications that enhance clinicians' experience, improve mobile workflow and lead to higher quality, data-driven patient care.

Nuance Healthcare, a division of Nuance Communications, is the market leader in natural language processing solutions that transform the patient story into meaningful, actionable information to facilitate smarter, efficient decisions across the healthcare enterprise.

About VoiceHIT

VoiceHIT was founded by Dr. Peter Ragusa, MD, MPH in the fall of 2010. VoiceHIT is developing the Better Day™ EHR & Documentation Solution web-based healthcare platform to provide an affordable, comprehensive electronic health record (EHR) to ambulatory clinics and healthcare providers. As a web-based, first-of-breed, 3rd-party application-enabled EHR platform, Better Day™ addresses the complex needs of today's healthcare providers with a mission to dramatically simplify and improve the EHR and personal health record (PHR) user experiences. The Better Day™ platform is expected to launch in mid 2012; it is currently in Pilot Testing. For more information about Better Day™, please visit Reach out to us at info(at)BetterDayEHR(dot)com or 504.710.8564. Or, connect with us on Facebook and Twitter at or to learn more.

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