iMedicor And Galaxy Health Network Ally To Form Nation's Largest Social Health Information Exchange Network

By Industry News Release
10:32 AM

iMedicor (OTCQB: VMCI) today announced it had entered into an agreement with Galaxy Health Network, one of the nation's largest PPO/MCO healthcare networks, to provide the advantages of iMedicor's Social Health Information Exchange (iMedicor SocialHIE) to Galaxy's vast healthcare provider network comprising more than 400,000 physicians, 2700 medical centers and 47,000 ancillary care facilities. iMedicor SocialHIE, which features secure messaging services within a social/professional networking architecture, will offer Galaxy and its entire provider network "the most advanced Interoperable technology platform to facilitate the successful migration of health records and communications from a paper-to-digital environment in accordance with Federal standards." The iMedicor SocialHIE/Galaxy platform is scheduled to launch in January 2013. The first phase of implementation will create a free communications network between Galaxy and its provider network. An upgrade to a full service subscription of iMedicor SocialHIE for the low monthly fee of $35 per provider will include the ability to create a practice, build a community and become interoperable on a point-to-multipoint basis. A second upgrade, available for an additional $35.00/month per provider, will offer a NHIN Direct secure email account, with unlimited use, enabling secure communication inside or outside of the iMedicor SocialHIE. iMedicor SocialHIE allows for authentication of the subscribing physician and the creation of a practice, whereby permissions are granted to staff workers to replicate the dynamic of a live medical/hospital environment. Once a practice is easily created within the network, a community can be built or invited into the practice. The community can be extended to specialists, general practitioners, hospital departments, imaging centers, labs, insurance companies, clearinghouses or any healthcare facility or individual. Full service subscriptions will be required for participants to utilize iMedicor SocialHIE's practice creation, community development, and unlimited access to a HIPAA-compliant network that provides Interoperable point-to-multipoint communication between any Electronic Health Record (EHR) System, Practice Management System or Hospital Information System, regardless of the format used by the individual end point. iMedicor SocialHIE also includes workgroups, specialty specific blogs, message boards, and the largest catalog of certified continuing medical education programs by some of the top medical schools, medical societies and other credible producers. "This strategic alliance marks the culmination of over 10 years of our addressing the secure communication needs of the healthcare community," said Fred Zolla, iMedicor's CEO. "With the accelerated adoption of Electronic Health Records over the past 16 months, there is a critical need today for an easy-to-use communications system that is capable of transporting those records in a secure environment. iMedicor's powerful SocialHIE platform has solved that problem, and Galaxy is now providing the vehicle for making the solution available to the majority of the U.S. healthcare market." "We are excited about the prospect of providing such a valuable service to our network providers," said P.J. Shane, President, Galaxy Heath Network. "This alliance with iMedicor will not only strengthen internal communications with our network providers, but also serve to provide accurate information regarding Interoperability and put us in a position to create the largest social community in the country for Healthcare. We are proud to be the catalyst to make this happen." About iMedicor iMedicor ( is a provider of comprehensive healthcare communications solutions that enable physicians and other healthcare professionals to optimize the use of technology in managing their practices and participating in the federally-mandated transition from paper to Electronic Health Records (EHRs). Through two primary services, iMedicor offers low-cost, easy-to-adopt solutions that can be tailored to the needs of individual practices or larger organizations: iMedicor SocialHIE, the first information exchange platform to offer secure messaging services within a social/professional networking architecture. It enables any physician, clinic or hospital to transmit and share information such as patient data, test results and images within a secure, HIPAA-compliant environment – and even between disparate EHR systems. iMedicor SocialHIE also offers additional advantages such as community development, the ability to create private healthcare information exchange networks with patient specific information, and access to a vast catalog of accredited continuing medical education (CME) programs. Meaningful Use Consulting Services. iMedicor is qualified to assist both primary care and specialist practices with EHR adoption and to help them attain Meaningful Use and receive incentive payments from the Federal Government for their compliance. For investor information, please go to . About Galaxy Health Network Managed Care, Inc. was founded and began operations in November of 1993 through the purchase of the assets of AUGNET, a California-based Preferred Provider Organization with some 300 hospitals, 20,000 physicians and 100 ancillary providers. In 1998, Managed Care, Inc. changed the name of its provider network to Galaxy Health Network. Today, Galaxy Health Network (, based in Arlington, Texas, has grown its provider base to over 500,000 physicians, 2,700 hospitals and 47,000 ancillary providers – all directly contracted, and brings together Managed Care Professionals with over five decades of collective experience for the purpose of providing expert assistance and guidance in the containment of medical costs. At the very core of its business, Galaxy Health Network does what it does best - Provider Network Management. By subjecting each of its providers to thorough screening, credentialing and re-credentialing processes coupled with random quality assurance and service questionnaires that are used to spot check for potential problems before they happen, Galaxy members are assured access to the highest quality provider network available today. Additionally, Galaxy Health Network provides fee-for-service negotiations and acts as the monitoring, tracking, reporting and repricing agency for its clients. As a privately held company, not owned by insurance companies, TPAs or hospitals, Galaxy Health Network provides exceptional service with unsurpassed flexibility, customer support and professionalism. This press release contains certain statements that are forward-looking within the meaning of Section 27a of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and that involve risks and uncertainties.