Consult A Doctor named co-winner of IBM SmartCamp KickStart Miami Healthcare Event; accelerates telemedicine revolution

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11:50 AM

Consult A Doctor, an innovator of cloud-based telemedicine services, platform and mobile solutions, today announced that it was selected as a winner of the IBM SmartCamp KickStart Miami event. IBM SmartCamp KickStarts are a global series of events aimed at identifying early stage entrepreneurs that share the campaign’s vision of building a smarter planet via technological innovation. Consult A Doctor will now participate in the IBM SmartCamp event in Boston on June 21, 2012.

At the SmartCamp KickStart event, Consult A Doctor’s founder and CEO, Wolf Shlagman, delivered a presentation to a panel of judges explaining how the company’s telemedicine platform and service represents revolutionary innovation during this time of challenges and change in healthcare.

Specifically, Shlagman presented TeleCare 3.0, the company’s cloud-based telemedicine platform that powers Consult A Doctor 24/7, the nation’s only telemedicine service that offers 24/7 access to board-certified physicians in all 50 states via phone, secure email, video and app – all in a matter of seconds. The HIPAA compliant telemedicine platform allows the Consult A Doctor 24/7 service to be configured to meet the needs of employer groups, health plans, hospitals, health systems and providers, enabling a quick, convenient and secure connection to quality healthcare. The innovative technology has saved employers and payers millions of dollars in unnecessary healthcare costs, while simultaneously adding millions of dollars of productivity to the bottom line by helping keep employees at work and healthy.

“We are honored to have been named a SmartCamp KickStart Miami winner for our innovation, especially from a true technology giant like IBM, the largest IT company in the world. This underscores the achievement and validates that the market is awakening and ready to embrace our vision for a smarter, stronger, healthier world via telemedicine,” said Shlagman. “For years we have been passionately committed to the assertion that telemedicine is the game changer in healthcare – a solution that will provide fast, convenient and affordable access for all to quality healthcare 24/7/365.”

“Congratulations to the team at Consult A Doctor for their impressive presentation and results at the IBM SmartCamp KickStart event in Miami,” said Martin Kelly, SmartCamp program director, IBM. “These events are one of the key ways IBM is accelerating growth among startup companies to help uncover and nurture innovative new solutions to address a variety of societal challenges.”

Consult A Doctor will now participate in the IBM SmartCamp event in Boston where executives will demonstrate how the company’s innovative telemedicine platform’s intelligence can solve some of the healthcare industry’s most pressing challenges via more effective and convenient access to quality healthcare in an appropriate level of care setting, all while reducing the cost of care for all healthcare constituents.

The company named the winner of IBM SmartCamp Boston event will earn an invitation to the SmartCamp Global Finals to compete against startups around the world.

About Consult A Doctor

Consult A Doctor is the leading innovator of cloud-based telemedicine services and technology platform solutions empowering organizations to lower healthcare costs, provide revolutionary access and improve outcomes. With years of experience delivering direct-to-employer and consumer telemedicine services that offer convenient 24/7 access to doctor consultations by phone, email and video, Consult a Doctor has saved employers millions of dollars in unnecessary healthcare costs, and added millions of dollars of productivity to the bottom line by helping keep employees at work and healthy. Its telemedicine network of U.S. board certified physicians in all 50 states has made it possible to give on-demand care, anytime, anywhere with access to medically-equivalent care in the lowest cost setting. Consult A Doctor is further transforming the economic equation of care by partnering with payers, providers and other organizations to deploy its telemedicine platform solution that grants its members and patients unmatched access to quality care, offers a new revenue source for providers, and lowers costs for health plans, employers and groups. For more information about Consult A Doctor, please visit, email