Hospital for Special Surgery bullish on Docent Health, expands use

The high-profile orthopedics and rheumatology specialty center receives prompts on when and how best to communicate with patients during care events.
By Bill Siwicki
04:15 PM

The Hospital for Special Surgery has expanded its relationship with Docent Health, maker of a patient care platform designed to ease patients through care events and integrate with other hospital information systems.

The hospital is an original co-development partner with Docent Health. Following a successful launch and one year of deployment, HSS said it now will broaden its use of Docent’s technology to extend the surgical service model it has created to new populations of patients within the hospital.

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Docent Health’s platform is designed to enhance the patient experience by proactively offering customized patient support throughout a care event. The platform integrates with a hospital’s existing technology and curates a profile of what the company calls the “whole person,” combining clinical with personal data.

The platform suggests an ideal set of interactions designed to address the needs, fears and concerns of each patient. Professionals then interact with patients to ensure they feel prepared, well-educated and ready to receive care, and check in with patients during and after care events to ensure their expectations were met.

The Docent service accommodates patient preferences by offering multiple channels for communication, including text message, e-mail, live chat or in-person interaction.

The Hospital for Special Surgery was the first health system to partner with Docent and its vision was instrumental in shaping the Docent offering, the vendor said.

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