Where does your organization stand with precision medicine? Take our survey

Precision medicine holds the promise of combatting diseases in whole new ways, but the barrier to entry is pretty high.
By Bill Siwicki
08:55 AM
precision medicine survey

Precision medicine is one of the hottest topics in healthcare. It’s goal is to discover the very best medical practices for individual patients to ensure the right treatments for the right patients at the right time so health outcomes will be optimal. It also holds the promise of combatting diseases in whole new ways, and of improving health care delivery and population health. But the barrier to entry for health systems is pretty high considering the sizable investment needed.
Healthcare IT News is conducting a short, five-question survey on the status and future of precision medicine at U.S. healthcare organizations. Click here to take the survey.
When do organizations expect to start precision medicine programs? What barriers are preventing organizations from starting precision medicine programs today? Do organizations have adequate IT infrastructures to handle precision medicine projects they would like to tackle? What are specific technology areas organizations are hoping to improve to tackle precision medicine?

Answers will be included in an upcoming report.