By Mike Miliard 10:41 am June 03, 2020
The collaboration is aimed at improving patient experience by offering insights into physicians, access to price comparisons and more.

Credit: Nuance

By 09:14 am June 03, 2020
Physicians in Denmark, Finland and Sweden now have the opportunity to use a native-language conversational AI solution to effectively capture patient stories, reduce administrative workloads and improve care quality with an EHR-integrated solution. 

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By Ahmed El Sherif 05:24 am June 03, 2020
While the Authority reintroduces services, private hospitals that have been assisting in treating patients are being phased out of the programme. However, more isolation facilities are still being launched.
EHR doctor at a desktop computer
By Kat Jercich 04:25 pm June 02, 2020
A decade-long study just published in JAMA finds a wide variance in the safety performance of operational EHR systems, especially when it comes to reducing adverse drug events.
By Dave Muoio 02:52 pm June 02, 2020
A recent sample of 50 worldwide COVID-19 apps published in Nature Medicine highlights found only 16 that promisted to anonymize, encrypt and secure the data they collect.  
To fight nurse burnout, EHRs must use AI, reflect RN-specific workflows
By Bill Siwicki 11:45 am June 02, 2020
The chief nursing officer at Medicomp explains how EHR makers can combat burnout by building better, nurse-inclusive systems with input from frontline staff.
By Kat Jercich 11:27 am June 02, 2020
Rep. Robin Kelly, D-Illinois, said she introduced the legislation in hopes of gathering data to support post-pandemic continuation of relaxed CMS rules around telemedicine.
By Fred Bazzoli 09:00 am June 02, 2020
While some organizations are finding success as they map coronavirus spread, public health agencies are still often relying on manual processes to gather and submit data, which is often incomplete, says former U.S. Chief Technology Officer Aneesh Chopra.

Credit: Lunit

By Dean Koh 07:00 am June 02, 2020
Lunit INSIGHT MMG was first introduced at the 2018 RSNA annual meeting.
By Kat Jercich 03:25 pm June 01, 2020
  Although telemedicine can be a way to fill gaps in access to healthcare providers, policymakers should ensure vulnerable people aren't left behind, says a new UCLA report.  

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