DoD raises budget on Leidos contract for Cerner EHR project by $1.2 billion
By Jessica Davis 02:33 pm July 25, 2018
Project leader Stacy Cummings says the DoD is finding "measurable success" with its workflows and is working with test communities to improve its responsiveness.
By Bill Siwicki 01:58 pm July 25, 2018
The open source machine learning technology is applied to CT scans and can assist physicians in better analyzing lung cancer, potentially saving lives.
EHR interoperability is close
By Tom Sullivan 12:22 pm July 25, 2018
No, interoperability will not be completely solved – but an architectural feat that's about to happen will ignite FHIR and API innovation and bring bright new developer minds to healthcare.
Women CEOs still rare in digital health startup
By Laura Lovett 10:17 am July 25, 2018
More than half of survey participants say it will take 25 years or more to achieve gender parity.
FirstNet supports optimal first responder to hospital communications
By 09:54 am July 25, 2018
FirstNet, the first nationwide public safety wireless broadband network, is helping emergency department clinicians share information in near real time to provide better care for patients.
integrating AI into Epic EHR to improve diagnoses

Credit: University of Maryland Department of Emergency Medicine on Facebook

By Bill Siwicki 09:26 am July 25, 2018
The department of emergency medicine at the University of Maryland uses imaging-oriented technology as a virtual specialist in the ER.
RDP backdoors for $10 to hack into healthcare systems
By Jessica Davis 09:08 am July 25, 2018
With access to hacked machines cheaply available and thousands of new ports being added daily, it’s imperative to shore up this preventable threat.
Mount Sinai opens biomedical blockchain research center
By Bernie Monegain 04:04 pm July 24, 2018
The center will focus on developing predictive apps from data in EHRs, wearables and other digital health tools.
Senate confirms Robert Wilkie to head VA

Robert Wilkie testifying at his confirmation hearing on June 27. Credit: c-span

By Jessica Davis 10:42 am July 24, 2018
After months without a permanent leader, Wilkie will be tasked with ‘righting the ship’ and is set to focus on the Cerner EHR project, already underway.
Cleveland Clinic CEO joins Google Cloud
By Bernie Monegain 10:33 am July 24, 2018
The former Cleveland Clinic CEO takes on role of advisor to the Google Cloud team, the search giant said Monday.

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